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1. In your opinion, was there a possibility that this tragedy could

1. In your opinion, was there a possibility that this tragedy could have been prevented?  If so what might have been done by whom? 2.  If Rusty was controlling and domineering, as stated by several people, what effect could his behavior have had on Andrea’s mental state? 3.  Who were the victims in this case; and, why did you think they were victims? 4.  When did Andrea’s mental illness start? After reading the article on Schizophrenia, can you identify signs and/or symptoms of Schizophrenia in Andrea? List some. 5.  Did other family members show symptoms of mental illness? Please give examples. 6.  How knowledgeable do you think Andrea’s family and Rusty were about mental illness issues? Why do you think so? 7.  List all who failed by virtue of acts of commission or acts of omission to stop these murders and how they failed (what were the acts)? 8.  What role did the insurance company and the psychiatrists and other mental health professionals play in this tragedy? How much control did the insurance company have over Andrea’s treatment? How could her treatment have been changed to prevent this tragedy? 9.  How has your attitude about this tragedy changed since you read this background material?  Explain. 10. If you were on the jury would you have voted “guilty” of murder or “not guilty” due to insanity? Explain.

Discuss diversity in American classrooms and how to harness that diversity to
Discuss diversity in American classrooms and how to harness that diversity to build on it to improve student performance.  Moreover, what can teachers do to use student’s cultural diversity to improve their performance in school? An annotated bibliography is a list of sources and a description of those sources. The sources are listed as citations – author, title, year published etc. – and the collection of citations is called a bibliography. The descriptions are called annotations;  they must be at least 300 words – and must include an evaluation of the source. You must create an annotated bibliography using at least fifteen sources documented in APA style Instructions Search and annotate15 articles(10 web-based articles, 5 scholarly journal articles) that investigate or discuss the relationship between poverty and school performance and prepare an annotated bibliography in APA format. All sources must be within the past 5 years.  Journal Article Guidelines -include a summary of the article, statement of the problem or issue discussed,  author’s purpose, approach or methods, hypothesis, and major conclusions or findings.  Web-Based article Guidelines – include a summary of the article, five main points that the article discusses and a concise description of the article or its major features. Provide a full APA citation for each article. If you have questions about any aspect of this assignment, please email me.

Pageof 2ZOOM Guidelines for the Group PresentationSYG 2010 Group Presentations are to be
Pageof 2ZOOM Guidelines for the Group PresentationSYG 2010 Group Presentations are to be presented in the last couple weeks of the semester.  They should be last the full class period. Over the course of the semester, you only have to give one presentation.Definition of the Assignment:  This assignment is designed for you to interact with sources beyond what we could cover in class. This activity helps prepare students to engage in thoughtful and research-based conversations about social problems. In addition, this assignment should help to hone media literacy skills. Students will compose a thoughtful lesson that will last the period leading their peers in a productive and analytical discussion of the substantive topic where they will be required to use a cooperative classroom learning strategy (such as a mock debate, a jigsaw exercise, role play, etc.).  The lesson needs to be thoroughly researched and planned out (i.e. no “winging it”).  Your grade will be based on the substance of the material, the visual component, the discussion guide, and your public speaking/quality of the overall presentation.  After completing this assignment, students should be able to speak expertly on the subject from a social constructionist view.  Starting thoughts to consider: Is your topic a social problem; what questions emerge from your research; what social issues are involved; what population is affected; what perspective will you take; comparisons between concepts discussed in previous sessions and the concepts in your social problem; connections other social problems as well as the broader understanding of the social problem.What should you include:  In your lecture, you should have a natural flow, but remain structured.  You have to include mention to non0academic materials.  This can be some we’ve covered or others that you suggest your classmates engage with.  Help us understand how the social problem has been received, who it affects, what are the politics around the problem.  How should we academically understand it?  What do the different perspectives believe?  What can we do about it?The Visual Component (I suggest powerpoint or Prezi)to a presentation presents information differently (such as with pictures, videos, graphs, diagrams), i.e. you shouldn’t read straight from a power point as it should be presenting what you are saying in a different way.  It serves as an aide in giving a presentation or lecture.  (All materials used within the visual component have to be properly cited—at the end of the presentation.)  The Annotated Discussion Guide willinclude the questions you want to ask the class and the probes you will use if you need to provoke the class into talking.  Below each question and probe, I want a short description of why you are asking the question, what you hope to gain by asking, how you plan to transition between questions, and what the connection you see between the material and class Reading and the question.  You are required to ask a number of discussion questions equal to how many people are in your group. Each person should write and ask their own discussion question.And Finally, you will be graded on all the essentials of public speaking/presentation including form, clarity, eye contact, transition, etc.

2 pages, typed in MS Word, double-spaced and Times new roman, 12-font
2 pages, typed in MS Word, double-spaced and Times new roman, 12-font size is required. Please provide headings separating the student learning outcomes. – This APA paper is to be about a 45 year old, african american patient who has experienced an Heart attack and you are the student nurse providing care for them. 1.Provide a short overview of your daily nursing responsibilities that you would deliver if you were caring for this patient care. 2. Address your learning experiences utilizing the 4 Student Learning Outcomes. The four student learning outcomes are ( Care coordination, RESEARCH AND TRANSLATION, INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, ADVOCACY AND POLICY)  When using the four student learning outcomes please address these questions according to the patient having a heart attack. –   1. How did you engage in patient care coordination when caring for your patients with helping techniques that promoted therapeutic nurse-patient relationship?  How did you use research and translation to deliver compassionate, patient centered, evidence based care that respects patient and family preferences?  1. How did you use information management to integrate and apply nursing knowledge and skills that leads to improvements in patient outcomes?  How did you use advocacy and policy to uphold ethical standards, which include data security, regulatory requirements, confidentiality, and clients’ right to privacy?   -Also include 6 competencies which are   knowledge, critical thinking, skill performance, collaboration, caring, and professionalism. (you should explain how you met each competency) 3.  List at least 2-3 new knowledge/skills that you have learned and identify 1 that had the greatest impact on your nursing practice.

Please explain what each of the following courses mean to me within
Please explain what each of the following courses mean to me within my nursing career and how I was able to apply the various BSN essentials through the completion of various course assignments and clinical practice experiences. I have attached the BSN essentials as well as a course description for each course. The paper needs to be 2 pages in length, reflecting on each class. The description of each class is listed below along with an explanation of each BSN essential. Utilize as many BSN essential as possible for each course reflection. 2 pages minimum 12 Point Font (Times New Roman)   Care Management II Nursing care management of diverse adult and elderly acute care populations experiencing physiologic and psychological illnesses. Proficiency is acquired in the classroom and in clinical experiences across conditions that have a significant effect on quality of life, are highly preventable, and/or economically inefficient. Emphasis is placed on interprofessional collaboration and advocacy to achieve optimal outcomes.   Ethical and Legal issues in health care The course introduces contemporary bioethical and legal issues confronting healthcare providers in a variety of settings. Topics focus on identification of legal and ethical principles underlying the decision-making process in nursing and healthcare.   Information Technology for Nursing Information management and patient care technology skills, including analysis of various applications of information systems within the context of the healthcare system. Elements covered include theoretical models; data acquisition and data representation; nursing vocabularies and nursing knowledge representation; managing organizational change; ethical and social issues in healthcare and consumer information technology.   Nursing Pharmacotherapeutics Pre-licensure BSN course. Essential concepts and principles of pharmacology as applied to baccalaureate level nursing practice. Imparts knowledge and skills required for safe, effective administration of therapeutic drugs (including herbal and complementary medications). The course covers critical skills related to dosage calculation and medication administration that. must be performed without error to achieve a passing grade for the course.         The BSN Essentials   Essential I: Liberal Education for Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice   A solid base in liberal education provides the cornerstone for the practice and education of nurses.   Essential II: Basic Organizational and Systems Leadership for Quality Care and Patient Safety   Knowledge and skills in leadership, quality improvement, and patient safety are necessary to provide high quality health care.   Essential III: Scholarship for Evidence Based Practice   Professional nursing practice is grounded in the translation of current evidence into one’s practice.   Essential IV: Information Management and Application of Patient Care Technology   Knowledge and skills in information management and patient care technology are critical in the delivery of quality patient care.   Essential V: Health Care Policy, Finance, and Regulatory Environments   Healthcare policies, including financial and regulatory, directly and indirectly influence the nature and functioning of the healthcare system and thereby are important considerations in professional nursing practice.   Essential VI: Interprofessional Communication and Collaboration for Improving Patient Health Outcomes   Communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals are critical to delivering high quality and safe patient care.   Essential VII: Clinical Prevention and Population Health   Health promotion and disease prevention at the individual and population level are necessary to improve population health and are important components of baccalaureate generalist nursing practice.   Essential VIII: Professionalism and Professional Values   Professionalism and the inherent values of altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and social justice are fundamental to the discipline of nursing.   Essential IX: Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice The baccalaureate graduate nurse is prepared to practice with patients, including individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations across the lifespan and across the continuum of healthcare environments. The baccalaureate graduate understands and respects the variations of care, the increased complexity, and the increased use of healthcare resources inherent in caring for patients

You will apply case #23 ( Hospital Software Solutions) on page  373
You will apply case #23 ( Hospital Software Solutions) on page  373 to complete these steps by 6 pages  ;  1. Apply the six steps to solve a problem( see the attachment that called  six steps to solve )  2. Apply the 8 steps of the Basadur solving process ( see the attachment that called 8 steps) 3. Conduct the “5 Whys” to the case. (See Pareto Analysis document) 4. Apply the SMART goals to all the case (see Goal Setting document)  5. Apply the 7 Cs of Communication in Problem Solving to the case ( see the 7 Cs attachment)

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