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1 Pts What Is Absorbed By The Lacteals And How Do These Reach The

Transcribed Image Text from this Question1 pts What is absorbed by the lacteals and how do these reach the bloodstream? O Carbohydrates – these are transported through the lymph system to the hepatic portal system, which goes straight to the liver for metabolism and storage. Nucleic Acids- these are transported through the lymph system to the subclavian vein where the lymphatic system connects with the blood circulatory system. Fats (lipids) – these are transported through the lymph system to the subclavian vein where the lymphatic system connects with the blood circulatory system. O Proteins – these are transported through the lymph system to the hepatic portal system, which goes straight to the liver for metabolism and storage.

Question 37 2 Pts The Process Of Removing Blood And Other Fluids And Replacing
Transcribed Image Text from this QuestionQuestion 37 2 pts The process of removing blood and other fluids and replacing them with chemicals to temporarily retard deterioration of a corpse is termed embalming entombing O cremation O mummification Question 39 2 pts When our body is trying to create an adaptive response, this means that the body is gearing up for the flight-or-fight response trying to restore homeostasis attempting to adapt to stressors resisting the bad things happening to us

Name Your Top Three Stressors And Why You Think It Bothers You So Much.
Transcribed Image Text from this QuestionName your top three stressors and why you think it bothers you so much. Maybe other people in the class do not have the same stress levels associated with your top three stressors and can give you some insight into how they handle those stressors. What do you think are the best strategies to help you reduce your everyday stress levels? OR (as a second option/choice); Do a search for any “current events” topic/information regarding this topic. The article must be from a “credible medical resource” (NOT wikipedia, People magazine…). Attach the link to the article AND write a short summary of the information presented in the article.

As A Health Care Manager, What Steps Can You Take To Apply The Above
As a health care manager, what steps can you take to apply the above Human Resources Management functions to create and advance an organizational community of physicians, managers, and staff that is unified in and committed to achieving the mission and living the values of the organization? Above mentioned HRM functions: job analysis, workforce planning, retention, employee performance assessment, and recruitment

Assign An External Cause To Indicate How The Injury Occurred. LOCATION: Outpatient, Hospital PATIENT:
Nursing Assignment Writing ServiceAssign an external cause to indicate how the injury occurred. LOCATION: Outpatient, Hospital PATIENT: Leann Heathchilds ATTENDING PHYSICIAN: Jeff King, MD SURGEON: Jeff King, MD PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSES      1. Nasal fracture.      2. Septal deviation.      3. Nasal obstruction. POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSES      1. Nasal fracture.      2. Septal deviation.      3. Nasal obstruction. PROCEDURES PERFORMED      1. Septoplasty.      2. Closed treatment of nasal bone fracture with stabilization. ANESTHESIA: General endotracheal. INDICATIONS: A 24-year-old female who sustained nasal trauma after being hit by a batted ball while playing softball. This resulted in a nasal bone fracture and significant septal deviation with associated nasal obstruction. The patient presents now for surgical treatment. PROCEDURE: After consent was obtained, the patient was taken to the operating room and placed on the operating room table in the supine position. After an adequate level of general endotracheal anesthesia was obtained and the patient was draped in appropriate manner for nasal surgery, the patient’s nose was packed with cotton pledgets soaked with 4% cocaine. After several minutes, 1% Xylocaine with 1:100,000 units of epinephrine was infiltrated into the septum bilaterally as well as into the nasal dorsum area. Nasal hairs were trimmed. Then using a right hemitransfixation incision, mucoperichondrium and mucoperiosteal flaps were elevated. The deviation portion of the cartilaginous bone was removed. After achieving hemostasis, the flaps were returned to normal position. Subsequent reinspection showed no residual deformity. Attention was then focused on the nasal bones. The right nasal bone was depressed, and the left nasal bone was deviated laterally. As such, using the Sayer elevator, the depressed nasal bone was pushed out, and then with lateral pressure on the left nasal bone, the nasal pyramid was brought to the midline. Subsequently, the hemitransfixation incision was closed with interrupted 4–0 chromic suture. A quilting suture of 4–0 plain gut was then performed. Silastic splints were then placed on both sides of the nasal septum and secured with nylon suture. The nose was then packed bilaterally. The packs consisted of a Merocel sponge covered with a gloved finger coated with Bacitracin ointment. This was infiltrated with local solution. An exterior nasal splint was then applied. Nasal dressing was applied. The patient tolerated the procedure well, and there was no break in technique. The patient was extubated and taken to the postanesthesia care unit in good condition. FLUIDS ADMINISTERED: 1500 cc of RL. ESTIMATED BLOOD LOSS: Less than 25 cc. PREOPERATIVE MEDICATIONS: 1 gram of Ancef and 8 mg of Decadron IV. CPT Code(s): __________________________ ICD-10-CM Code(s):_____________________ Abstracting Questions: 1. Was the nasal fracture repair accomplished by means of open or closed manipulation? 2. Was the fracture externally stabilized? 3. What was the open procedure that was performed?

Versity Dwebapps/discussionboard/do/message Actions Course De 57192 1nadaction Board Antrycon 29.11 RE: Week
Transcribed Image Text from this Questionversity dwebapps/discussionboard/do/message actions course de 57192 1nadaction board antrycon 29.11 RE: Week

1. Dehydration Can Lead To Serious Consequences Including Heat Exhaustion, And Heatstroke. For Every
Transcribed Image Text from this Question1. Dehydration can lead to serious consequences including heat exhaustion, and heatstroke. For every pound lost during a workout 2 % to 3 cups of fluid should be consumed during the exercise or afterwards. 2. Sports beverages are good for events lasting greater than 60 minutes and provide carbohydrates, __(A) potassium which will stimulate_(B) and make the beverage taste good. and BIVA-A-TX EE311 x’ x, EE H-2 VX CT 12pt Paragraph

The Nurse Is Caring For A Client Who Has Just Had A Lumbar Puncture.
Transcribed Image Text from this QuestionThe nurse is caring for a client who has just had a lumbar puncture. What are the nursing measures to be implemented at this time? A) Monitor ability to move lower extremities B) Apply an occlusive pressure dressing over the site C) Encourage increased oral fluid intake. D) Position the client in high Fowler’s position. Question 36 of 100 What is important to the nurse to do when administering a Fleets enema to a postpartum client? A) Administer no more than 100 cc of solution. B) Encourage the client to administer her own so she will know how to do it at home obiect C) Be careful not to irritate the perineum when inserting the catheter. D) Use a small catheter. bear Prior to discharge, the nurse teaches proper body mechanics to a client with back problems. What observation indicates the client understood the instructions? A) Bends from the waist to lift a heavy object. B) Leans backward when carrying a heavy object C) Carries a heavy object away from his body. D) Squats down to pick up a heavy object. Question 38 of 100 client has had a above-the-knee amputation (AKA) due to osteogenic sarcoma. He is learning to wrap his stump. What will the nurse explain regarding the purpose of the purpose of wrapping the stump? A) Promote shrinkage and shape the stump for the prosthesis B) Provide range of motion for the upper extremities well as the residual limb C) Improve the muscle tone in the residual limb lind D) Keep the residual limb clean and dry Question 39 of 100 The home health aide reports to the practical nurse that the client has been trying to give away possessions. When the nurse asks the client about this behavior,the client my spouse dead, there’s no reason for me to go on.” What is the best priority response by the nurse says,”with A) Tell me more about how you’re feeling.” B) Do you have any friends in the building? C) “You’re not thinking of killing yourself, are you?” D) Have you thought of hurting yourself?” Question 40 of 100 A client just diagnosed with methicilin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus septic arthritis is receiving the first dose of IV vancomycin. Which finding is most concerning to the nurse? A) Wheezing and hives B) Low blood pressure C) Flushing and pruritus D) Diffuse muscle pain Question 41 of 100 The nurse is caring for a 10-year-old diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In addition to the 3 core symptoms of ADHD hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and lo inattention), which of the following would the nurse expect to find? A) Disorientation and cognitive impairment antara B) Low self-esteem and impaired social skills pulmone mbolism C) Confusion and a learning disability D) Delayed physical and emotional development Question 42 of 100 The nurse is caring for a client who has been diagnosed with AIDS and pneumocysitis carinii pneumonia (PCP). What is the primary goal of nursing care? A) Maintain metabolic acid base balance. B) Maintain adequate oxygenation. C) Prevent pulmonary embolism. D) Increase activity to prevent respiratory acidosis Question 43 of 100 Considering the side effects of meperidine (Demerol) which nursing actions should be incorporated into the plan of care? cation to A) Observe for diarrhea and distention B) Assess Gl motility and constipation. C) Monitor for indications of increased bleeding D) Evaluate serum potassium levels for hypokalemia Question 44 of 100 ACVA client is started on subcutaneous heparin injections, 5000u bid. What is the purpose of this medication for this client? A) Decrease the incidence of fat emboli associated with long bone fractures B) Promote vascular perfusion by preventing formation of micro-emboli in the left leg. C) Prevent thromboemboli resulting in pulmonary emboli associated with immobility. D) Prevent venous stasis that promotes vascular complications associated with immobility Question 45 of 100 A client has just returned from his cardiac virus catheterization. His right femoral artery was the insertion site. What is a priority nursing action? A) Maintain continuous cardiac monitoring, anticipate cardioversion. Whenving B) Monitor the apical pulse hourly, withhold his digitalis if the rate is below 60. C) Encourage him to ambulate in the hall within 6 hours. D) Monitor his temperature and pulse of the right lower leg. Question 46 of 100 Which nursing care is important in caring for a 19-month-old child with respiratory syncytlal virus (RSV)? A) Carefully evaluate child for increasing inspiratory stridor B) Wear gown and gloves when having direct contact with child C) Assess child for presence of a sore throat and frequent swallowing. D) Maintain humidified oxygen at 60% to prevent hypoxia. What source of data will provide the practical nurse with the most accurate assessment of the outcome of the chest drainage therapy? A) Volume of fluid drained. B) Client’s level of shortness of breath C) Breathe sounds. D) Pulmonary functions studies. Question 48 of 100 The nurse is caring for a child admitted with measles. Which of the following interventions should the nurse anticipate for this client? Select all that apply A) Placing the client in a negative pressure isolation room B) Advising measles vaccination for susceptible family members c) Placing a tracheostomy tray at the beside D) Using an N95 respirator mask during client contact E) Applying calamine lotion to reduce Question 49 of 100 An 18-year-old primigravida has a blood type of 0-. In her postpartal care plan, the nurse should include what information concerning RHO Immune globulin (RhoGAM)? A) Discuss with the client that RhoGAM only needs to be given after this pregnancy B) RhOGAM should be administered only if the baby’s father is Rh positive. C) Administer RhoGAM within a month after the birth of the baby. D) Instruct the client that RhoGAM must be received after each pregnancy Question 50 of 100 What is important nursing intervention in the immediate postoperative period after a vertebral bone graft? A) Begin an exercise program B) Change the surgical dressing C) Ambulate the client. wel D) Check the dressing for spinal fluid leak. to e

Sexual Disorders Objective Discuss Sexual Dysfunctions And Sexually Transmitted Diseases Assignment Overview This Web
Sexual Disorders Objective Discuss sexual dysfunctions and sexually transmitted diseases Assignment Overview This web research assignment allows you to explore current information on sexual issues. Deliverables A one-page (12-point font) report Step 1 Research articles and websites. Conduct an Internet search for articles and websites that provide current information about sexual dysfunctions and sexually transmitted diseases. Step 2 Report your findings. Address the following points in your report based on the research you conducted in Step 1: List major points in the article. List websites where the information is found. Include statistics and data found.

How Do The Roles Of Pepsinogen And Hydrochloric Acid (HCI) Interact In The Stomach
How do the roles of pepsinogen and hydrochloric acid (HCI) interact in the stomach to aid protein digestion? A. They both digest the chyme that breaks down proteins. B. HCI prevents pepsinogen from digesting proteins on our own cells so they are not damaged. C. HCl digests proteins while pepsinogen denatures (unravels) the proteins. D. HCI is necessary for the conversion of pepsinogen to pepsin.

Most Chemical Digestion And Absorption Of Key Nutrients (carbohydrates, Proteins And Fats) Occurs In
Most chemical digestion and absorption of key nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) occurs in the small intestine. However, we know that a small amount of chemical digestion continues to occur in the large intestine. What aids in this digestive process? A. Pancreatic digestive enzymes. B. Bile from the gallbladder. C. A mixture of digestive enzymes entering from the small intestine and some produced by the enterocytes of the large intestine. D. The activity of the large population of bacteria housed in the large intestine.

1. The Distribution Of Fat In The Body Is Important. Males Often Have An
Transcribed Image Text from this Question1. The distribution of fat in the body is important. Males often have an apple shape, often referred to as obesity. 2. Females have a pear shape often referred to as obesity. 3. The shape that has the highest health risks associated with it is the shape.

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