Home » #1. Which best describes Democracy? System of government where the national government and state governments share some powers.Economic theory designed

#1. Which best describes Democracy? System of government where the national government and state governments share some powers.Economic theory designed

#1. Which best describes Democracy? System of government where the national government and state governments share some powers.Economic theory designed to increase a nation’s wealth through the development of commercial industry and favorable balance of trade.Coherent set of values and beliefs about the purpose and scope of government held by groups and individuals.None of the above.#2. Which best describes a Confederation (as a system of government)?Type of government where the national government derives its powers from the states; a league of independent states.System of government where the national government and state governments share some powers, derive all authority from the people.Type of government in which power is vested in hereditary kings or Queens.All of the above#3. Which best describes Civil Rights?A doctrine that society should be governed by certain ethical principles that are part of nature and, as such, can be understood by reason.The rights of all people to be free from discrimination based on race, religion, sex or ethnic origin.The principle that governments must draw their powers from the consent of the governed.The principle that all citizens are equal in the political process, as implied by the phrase “one person, one vote.” All citizens are equally protected under the law.#4. The concept that someone says something about you that is false and hurts your reputation is known asSlanderSeditious SpeechLibelNone of the above#5. Under the Lobbying Act of 1946, all of the following are true except forAny person receiving money to influence legislation must register with the clerk of the House and the secretary of the SenateEvery registered lobbyist must make quarterly reports on their activitiesLobbyists must report their clients, the issues they lobbied for and the agency or chamber of Congress they contacted, but do not have to disclose the names of who they contactedNone of the above#6. What year did Congress pass Civil Rights Legislation?186419641930None of the above#7. A list of a political party’s candidates for various offices is known as theParty platformNational Party CommitteeTwo Party systemNone of the above#8. The right of Privacy is covered under which amendment?15th Amendment14th Amendment13th AmendmentNone of the above#9. Which Supreme Court Case made segregation unconstitutional?Brown v. Board of EducationPlessy v. FergusonHoyt v. FloridaNone of the above#10. A clause that had the effect of restricting voting rights to those whose ancestors had voted before the 1860s is known as theGrandparents ClauseWhite PrimaryGrandfathers ClauseLiteracy Test#11. An election held to choose political candidates or delegates for a political party is referred to as a?CaucusPrimaryClosed PrimaryNominating Convention#12. Some of the techniques that lobbyists use to help their client areMaking Contacts with key legislatorsProviding expertise and research for legislatorsProvide Legal advice to LegislatorsAll of the above#13. Reserved Powers are ____________________________.Powers reserved for the bureaucracyPowers reserved for the PresidentPowers reserved for the states.All of the above.#14. I am interested in joining a fraternity. What kind of incentive would I have with this interest group?Material incentiveSolidary incentivePurposive incentiveAll of the above#15. Checks and Balances is a constitutionally mandated structure that Gives each state a degree of oversight over each other.Gives the states oversight and control over the national governmentGive each state oversight and control over local governmentsGives each of the three branches of the federal government some degree of oversight and control over the actions of the others.#16. Which best describes the United States Federalist system? A Constitutional arrangement in which power is distributed between the central government and sub divisional governments (States in US). The national and state Governments both exercise authority over individualsSystem of government where the local and regional governments derive all power from a strong national government.Economic theory designed to increase a nation’s wealth through the development of commercial industry and favorable balance of trade.None of the above.#17. The First Amendment states the following:A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringedThe right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.#18. True/False. Affirmative action was implemented for those who have no minority status.#19. The Supremacy clause states ____________________.That state law is supreme over national and local lawThat local law is supreme over state and national lawThat national law is supreme over state and local lawAll are equal#20. Under the landmark cased of Roe vs. Wade, the right of women to have abortions was argued under what constitutional right? Religion Assemble PrivacyPetition#21. The enumerated powers are _______________________Specific powers granted to the Supreme CourtSpecific powers granted to the PresidentSpecific powers granted to CongressNone of the above#22. Which is/are a function of government?Establish JusticeEnsure Domestic TranquilityProvide for the Common DefenseSecure the Blessings of LibertyAll of the above#23. Which are the Civil War Amendments to the constitution?1st, 2nd, 3rd20th, 21st,22nd13th, 14th, 15thAll of the above#24. The amendment which outlawed poll taxes in national elections is the?15th 23th24th26th#25. Which President created the “New Deal”?George WashingtonThomas JeffersonJohn F. KennedyFranklin D. Roosevelt#26. Which President started using Block Grants rather than categorical grants?Ronald ReaganBill ClintonJimmy CarterGeorge Washington#27. True or False: The Republican Party was originally formed in opposition of slavery.#28. I am a member of a political party that stands for national unity, public works and limited presidential power. I belong to theRepublican PartyBull Moose Progressive PartyGreen PartyNone of the above#29. A political ideology that believes that the government should do as little as possible in our lives is known as LibertarianismSocialism ConservatismProgressivism#30. True or false: The New Deal reduced the size and scope of the Federal government.#31. Block Grants are defined as Broad grants with few strings attached; given to states by the federal government for general categories of activities.Grants that allocated federal funds to states for a specific purpose.Grants given to the national government by the states for general infrastructure purposes.All of the above.#32. True/False. A public interest group is an association formed by members of a particular industry to develop common standards and goals for the industry.#33. True or False: Malcolm X is an example of a peaceful and non-violent advocate of the Civil Rights movement.#34. The Concurrent powers are Powers that Great Britain and America sharePowers that the legislative branch and executive branch sharePowers that state and local governments sharePowers that the national and state governments share#35. True or false: The Supreme Court was an avenue used by the Civil Rights movement, where cases were continually brought to the Supreme Court throughout the Civil Rights movement.#36. True or False/ A Political Action Committee is a committee formed for the purpose of working for the public good.#37. True or false/ If a lawsuit is bought for discrimination based on race, the test that the courts will use is the rational basis test to determine whether the equal protection clause has been violated.#38. I am sitting in my home smoking marijuana. I have my window open to get some air. No one can see inside my home. However, the smell travels outside and two police officers walking the beat smell it. The burst into my home and arrest me. They do not have a warrant. Did they violate my constitutional rights?Yes, because they needed a warrantNo, because they had probable cause that a crime was being committedYes, because I have the right to privacy in my homeNo, because there is no 4th amendment right when a crime is in process#39. The voting age for federal elections was reduced to 18 years of age under which act? Voting Rights Act Amendments of 1982 Voting Rights Act Amendments of 1970 Voting Rights Act Amendments of 1975Voting Rights Act of 1965 #40. Which amendment guarantees the right to bear arm?IIIIIIIV#41. The necessary and proper clause gives which institution the power to pass laws “necessary and proper” to carry out the enumerated powers?PresidencySupreme CourtBureaucracyCongress#42. Which amendment protects American Citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures.IIIIIIIV#43. Article 3 within the Constitution lays out the functions of which institution?ExecutiveJudiciaryBureaucracyLegislative#44. True or False: The rights of criminal defendants to a fair trial is found in the 4th and 14th amendments of the Constitution.#45. True or False: Under the Articles of Confederation states could conduct foreign policy with other nations#46. True or False/ The national government can pass an Ex post facto law.#47 Two individuals are in their home. They are having sex. No one can see them. However, they are having homosexual sex. The police break in the house on a tip that a crime is being committed. The city has an ordinance against sodomy. Under which Supreme Court case would this scenario constitute a 1st amendment violation of right of privacy?Griswold vs. ConnecticutBrown vs. Board of EducationMcCullough vs. MarylandDred Scot Decision#48. Which is a power denied to the States under the U.S Constitution?Coin moneyTaxEstablish CourtsMake and Enforce Laws#49. True or False: Woman were granted the right to vote under the 18th Amendment.#50. Laws that ban unions from collecting dues or other fees from workers whom they represent but who have not actually joined the union is known as?Right to Live Right to ParticipateChoice to WorkRight to Work

1. Which of the following statements is true about immigration and emigration? Immigration is balanced by emigration.Immigration includes the birth
1. Which of the following statements is true about immigration and emigration? Immigration is balanced by emigration.Immigration includes the birth rate; emigration includes the death rate.Immigration and emigration can occur as a result of change in climate.Immigration is influenced only by abiotic factors, and emigration only by biotic factors.Immigration is a steady increase in the population; emigration is a steady decline.2. Pandas typically give birth once a year to one or two cubs. What is true of this species? This species is K-selected.This species has Type 1 survivorship.Each individual offspring has a low probability of survival.I onlyII onlyIII onlyI and II onlyII and III only3. What is likely true of the population represented by the growth rate graph above?The carrying capacity is about 35.The population breeds seasonally.The population is growing geometrically.I onlyII onlyIII onlyI and III onlyI, II, and III4. The graph above shows population density for six countries. Based only on the data in the graph, what can you conclude? A has the largest population.C has more people per square kilometer than D has.F is experiencing exponential growth.I onlyII onlyIII onlyI and II onlyII and III only5. The doubling time of a town’s population is 20 years. What would you need to know to calculate the growth rate? the densitythe birth ratethe survivorship ratethe population’s sizethe carrying capacity6. Which of the following would be a likely consequence of the human population on Earth reaching its carrying capacity?Fewer new diseasesIncreasingly frequent droughtsFalling population growth rate for humansI onlyII onlyIII onlyI and II onlyII and III only7. Which of the following is most likely a characteristic of an early-developing country, according to the demographic transition model? Death rates fall for several generations, then rise as a result of an extended period of warfare.Widespread use of birth control and access to health care have resulted in low birth and death rates.Birth rates are high, but improving health care and hygiene practices have resulted in falling death rates.High infant mortality rates combined with regular droughts and famine have resulted in high birth and death rates.Death rates are low, and increasing opportunities for women to educate themselves and own property have resulted in falling birth rates.8. Demographers studying the current population of a particular country produce the age-structure diagram shown in the figure above. All of the following conclusions are supported by this diagram except the birth rate has increased during the past 10 years.there are currently more than 10 million people living in the country.approximately the same number of boys as girls were born in the past 20 years.the country has experienced two population “booms” approximately 25 years apart.there are nearly twice as many 70-year-old men in the country as there are 70-year-old women.9. Which of the following would be the most effective strategy to transition a pre-industrial country to an early-developing country? pass legislation establishing a limit of one child per familyoffer tax breaks to people who move from rural areas to citiespromote birth control by building family planning clinics in remote villagesincrease the number of college and university scholarships available to womencombat drought and famine by funding irrigation projects and subsidizing agriculture10. Over the past decade, a country’s population has grown at the rate of approximately 2.75% each year. If the country’s population continues to grow at this rate, which of the following scenarios are likely to result? Conversion to a centrally planned economyGradual degradation of resources such as clean air and waterFewer and less virulent diseases appearing in population centersI onlyII onlyIII onlyI and II onlyII and III only11. Country Population Growth Rate in 2009 (%)Bolivia 1.8South Korea 0.3Western Sahara 2.8The table above shows the population growth rates for three countries in 2009. Based on this table, which of the following statements is most likely true? Life expectancy is lower in Western Sahara than it is in South Korea.The infant mortality rate is higher in South Korea than it is in Bolivia.The fertility rate for women is higher in Bolivia than it is in Western Sahara.I onlyII onlyIII onlyI and II onlyII and III only12. Which of the following characterize the historical move toward urbanization?Increased population densityIncreased diversification of livelihoodsIncreased dependence on a smaller number of food producersI onlyII onlyIII onlyI and III onlyI, II, and III13. On the way to visit extended family for Thanksgiving, the Hilbert family spend more than an hour driving through several neighborhoods looking for the right house among many identical-looking homes. The simple directions that they received said, “Second house on Oak off the main road,” but they had already been down three roads beginning with Oak.Which of the following terms best describes the area that the Hilberts are lost in? company townfarming villagesuburban sprawlplanned developmentsustainable community14. All of the following are outcomes of urbanization exceptloss of plant biodiversity.decreased soil pollution.food chain disruption in a natural habitat.decreased waste water from sewage drainage.higher air temperature than in surrounding rural regions.15. A tour guide company surveys citizens with various questions about living in their hometown. Which of the following statements would you expect from people who live in an urban region? “I usually take a taxi to work, but occasionally ride the subway.””I moved here so there would be more open green areas for my kids to play in.””I’m not really worried about losing my job with so many other firms to work for, or I’ll just go back to what I did a few years ago. Something will open up.”I onlyI and II onlyI and III onlyII and III onlyI, II, and III16. Which statement correctly identifies one advantage and one disadvantage of relying on trains for transportation?Trains are inexpensive to build, but require too much open land.Trains are convenient and comfortable, but have a limited range.Trains can damage habitats from pollution, but can be easily rerouted.Trains can reduce congestion, but typically increase overall fossil fuel use.Trains can have inconvenient schedules, but produce less pollution than cars do.17. Popular in Asian countries, an auto-rickshaw is a three-wheeled vehicle driven like a motorcycle but with an enclosed body to seat up to three passengers. They are inexpensive to operate and can maneuver through congested city streets. However, they make significant contributions to air and noise pollution.Based on this description, the auto-rickshaw is most like which of the following forms of transportation? Chicago automobilesNew York taxisPortland bicyclesSan Francisco trolleysTokyo monorail18. Bernie Outlaw is running for mayor of a densely populated, coastal city and is building a campaign platform to win over those concerned about the long-term environmental impact of decisions that the current mayor has made. Which of the following campaign promises is an effective strategy for sustainability? “My administration will push to convert the abandoned mines into landfills for incinerated waste only.””What this town needs is a new industrial park for manufacturing right down by the waterway for easy shipping.””With a vote for me, you are voting to lift the ban on buildings over 10 stories, allowing for the construction of high-rise office and residential buildings at the heart of our city.””It may not be popular, but it’s time we converted some of the smaller parking lots downtown into lots exclusively for bicycle storage.””To ease the overcrowding on the south side, I promise to allow for the construction of low-income apartment housing outside the traditional city limits.”19. Which of the following settings would likely expose an individual to the highest decibel noise pollution? riding in a subway trainsitting in a business officehonking a car horn while drivingwatching television in a living roomsitting on a sidewalk next to a residential road20. Which of the following animal behaviors is least likely to be affected by persistent noise pollution from an airport in a coastal community?earthworms foragingmating rituals of turtlesnavigation of dolphinsfoxes listening for preysnakes sensing predators

ClinicAid is a cloud-based Canadian clinical medical billing solution that helps specialists, medical care experts and clinical staff with training
ClinicAid is a cloud-based Canadian clinical medical billing solution that helps specialists, medical care experts and clinical staff with training the board and client care. The stage offers a scope of highlights including claims to the executives, quiet arrangement planning, invoicing, installment handling, and consistency following.1.2 Problem/Opportunity AddressedClinicAid is an online programme that allows Canadian doctors and other providers of health care to quickly generate, submit and track medical billing records over the internet. In order for simple healthcare billing, patient and physician information is entered and processed inside the system. Users can search and enter service codes, fee modifier codes, diagnostic codes and additional information easily into online forms that can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connexion at any time.ClinicAid also allows offices to schedule appointments simply right in their billing system and create invoices right from their appointment lists. The solution to managing your time is to find the right resources to make it simpler for your billing and paperwork process. Because of the attention required to execute these tasks properly, paper based billing lends itself to errors and time wasting.1.3 UsersClinicaid has collaborated with all such users and have got great results for their solution. This users include: 1. General Practitioner2. Optometry3. Anesthesiologist4. General Surgeon5. Psychiatry6. Internal Medicine7. Obstetrician and Gynecologist8. Neurologist and Pediatrician1.4 Data collected / exchangedMC EDT is a service that allows secure electronic transfer of files between an authorized user and the Ministry of Health. Users that have gone through the authorization process with the Ministry of Health are able to either connect directly through the web user interface (a web page), or can use a billing software, such as ClinicAid, or EMR system that connects through the MC EDT web service. Physicians, medical office staff, and other care providers that have gone through the authorization process are able to submit their medical billing through MC EDT. Medical professionals also have the option of designating someone (a billing agent, staff member, or a billing software) to submit claim files on their behalf.2. Clinical Requirements1. Patient Pre-Registration: Patient pre-registration is pivotal for progressing the onboarding and admissions preparation of your office. It’s simple to impede down with complicated information collection and regulatory assignments. By collecting patient admissions materials ahead of the appointment, pre-registration makes a difference in organizations, makes the next quality customer involvement and expands patient fulfillment. 2. Claims Management: Medical claims the executives is the association, billing, recording, refreshing and preparing of medical claims identified with persistent judgments, therapies and drugs. Electronic claims handling and paperless claims assortments make all that more smoothed out and keep interchanges from being lost via the post office. Everybody can be in the same spot when they can get to guarantee the following, history and compromises.3. Billing and Collection: At the point when patients get medical treatments, charges for the administrations are coded and handled by specialists and managerial staff. They are then shipped off medical coverage organizations for inclusion conclusions. Medical charging administrations measure electronic and printed copy information to figure out what patients owe and what costs insurance agencies spread.4. Patient Information: Store and access all your patient data in an incorporated, simple to-get to interface. Make it simple for your patients to get to their clinical records and drugs by executing a patient entry. Not exclusively would this be able to lessen face to face calls or interchanges to get essential data and badly arranged drug store visits, it can altogether improve understanding fulfillment.5. Accounting and Financial Management: On the off chance that you use cash to run your training, you need clinical bookkeeping programming. In the event that it includes cash, get it overseen. If it involves money, get it managed. Some EHR software offer a medical accounting module, but some practices prefer a separate medical billing software solution.6. Workflow Management: Work process the executives includes managing a cycle from start to finish. This includes singular errands that move starting with one stage then onto the next until the undertaking is finished. Work processes can quite often be advanced, and at an activity as occupied and essential as a clinical office you can make certain there are measures that can be computerized or smoothed out.3. Business Requirements1. Medicare Compliance: Not only do many of your potential clients bill Medicare for services, but the entire private health care insurance industry follows Medicare’s lead on standards and processes. Understanding Medicare requirements and processes is necessary to run a successful billing service.2. Education: ICD-9, ICD-10, and HCPCS are a world and language of their own. No one understands them without training. Medical billing industry trade associations, including the American Medical Billing Association and the Healthcare Billing and Management Association, offer courses on billing and coding fundamentals as well as seminars with updated trends and policies throughout the insurance industry.3. Software: Health insurers and Medicare have moved toward electronic billing systems, which require computer transmission of data. Therefore, you’ll need a good medical billing software package. ClinicAid is a software system which provides with the following functionalities:1. 98% claim payout on submitted claims than others.2. Up to 73% fewer rejected claims than others.3. Up to 65% less time spent on billing than others.4. Up to 27% more speed of payment than others. 4. Standards Description ClinicAid is designed to save physicians time and money by eliminating or reducing many of the complications associated with billing. It also allows physicians and their staff to process more invoices in less time and with fewer billing rejections. Key features of ClinicAid include:1. Built-in timesavers such as resource tables to search for service codes, diagnostic codes, and select referral doctor IDs,2. A default provider setting.3. Favorite codes lists.4. Templates for default invoices.5. Can be used as stand-alone software or integrated with EMR systems for fully automated billing.6. Physicians in Alberta who have been using ClinicAid since it launched in 2012 say it has made a significant improvement in how they bill and allows for much-needed flexibility.7. ClinicAid, its web-based medical billing software, has been available in Ontario since 2017.5. Specifications of ClinicAid The solution for dealing with your time is to discover the instruments needed to make your charging and desk work measure simpler. Paper based charging fits mix-ups and time squandering because of the consideration expected to appropriately play out these undertakings. Finding an online arrangement, for example, ClinicAid to deal with your charging might be the best utilization of your cash and time. ClinicAid is a SaaS arrangement which can assist with mechanizing your charging and set aside next to no effort to actualize in your office. With ClinicAid, you can zero in on what’s truly significant, that is, being with your patients.ClinicAid’s billing system is so advanced that it will even alert you when making common billing mistakes, will show you any claim rejections so you can deal with them immediately, and will even remind you of billing opportunities. And if you ever need help, our friendly staff is available to help you by phone or email, no matter how big or small your question is. The specifics of this software are:1. The price of this software starts from the affordable price of $13/mo.2. The interface of this software is simple and intuitive.3. It has a flexible interface with a number of pricing plans and optional feature add-ons.4. This software is capable of working on any device with an internet connection.Question : what are the three things learned from this project??

I need help answering these questions and I am going to use my own words when doing it myself Using
I need help answering these questions and I am going to use my own words when doing it myself Using internet resources, describe how advances in imaging and wireless communication for space exploration have led to changes in imaging devices and communication on Earth.Mars Odyssey and Mars Express required spectrometric equipment that could analyze Mars’s atmosphere and surface composition and temperatures. Using internet resources, describe some home or business technologies that use spectrometric equipment to analyze atmosphere or temperature. Using internet resources, research one space probe described in the video. Describe its goals and justify its purpose by explaining how it helped advance our understanding of the universe.

Questions: Based on figure 2, compare the winter and summer images. How do the locations of high and low atmospheric
Political Science Assignment Writing ServiceQuestions: Based on figure 2, compare the winter and summer images. How do the locations of high and low atmospheric water vapor change from summer to winter (Northern Hemisphere perspective)?Based on figure 4, where are the areas of summer and winter high-speed winds, how do these areas correlate to changes in temperature?Based on figure 4, where are the areas of constant high-speed winds, how do these areas correlate to the placement of continents?

from the book Jack Eller Violence and Culture American and American Values Psychocutural Dimension: Eller writes that we are “more
from the book Jack Eller Violence and Culture American and American Values Psychocutural Dimension: Eller writes that we are “more than a little callous and unempathetic toward the suffering of others”. Is Eller correct in his assessment to broadbrush the whole of Americans and their values based on the “sins” of a few, or are we wholly to blame for our “callousness”?If you agree give an example, if you disagree give an example of why

The period of a wave, or how long it takes the wave to pass, never changes (the period is established
The period of a wave, or how long it takes the wave to pass, never changes (the period is established when the wave is formed). a. Compare the typical period of a tsunami wave to the period of a wind-driven wave (the kind that surfers love!) b. If the period of the wave doesn’t change but the wave slows down as it reaches the coast, then what must be happening to the wave?

Sandy is a new release of information clerk. She notices that a record due to be released by subpoena is
Sandy is a new release of information clerk. She notices that a record due to be released by subpoena is missing some signatures and has several deficiencies. She also discovers that the patient’s last visit and documentation were more than seven years ago. She is not sure what to what information releasing the record or how to find it. post a discussion in which you advise Sandy on what to do with the record based on release-and-retention guidelines. Explain your advice. Research and provide at least one article or literature resource to support your advice.

Scenario 2: Holly is a 32-year-old woman who has suffered from anxiety and depression since her teenage years. She treats
Scenario 2: Holly is a 32-year-old woman who has suffered from anxiety and depression since her teenage years. She treats her condition with different varieties of medicinal cannabis on a daily basis—usually consuming edibles during the day and smoking at night. She and her husband Mark are advocates for the use of medical cannabis for various conditions, and truly believe that smoking cannabis daily is “good” for them. Mark is also employed as a certified grower. Recently, Holly found out that she is pregnant. Her doctor is aware of Holly and Mark’s beliefs and practices and has advised her to discontinue the use of cannabis during her pregnancy. Holly and Mark are certain that the cannabis will not harm their baby in any way and continue to use edibles and smoke daily.A description of the scenario you selected and provide a brief summary of the psychosocial factors that influence the health behavior and the disease. The Snooks (2009) book excerpt in the Learning Resources offers examples of psychosocial factors.Explain how public health strategies or interventions could be used to address the psychosocial factors you identified.Include in your explanation the challenges associated with these strategies or inventions, and how the challenges can be addressed.Explain why it is important for health professionals and public health practitioners to understand how psychosocial factors impact disease.

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