Home » 2. A) What Is The Shortest Route From The Sto T? 5 7 6

2. A) What Is The Shortest Route From The Sto T? 5 7 6

Transcribed Image Text from this Question2. a) What is the shortest route from the Sto T? 5 7 6 S 3 X Y 5 т 8 w 3 4 b) The numbers on this network represent times to distribute an e-mail message. Use the minimal spanning tree algorithm to determine how messages should be passed in order to minimize total time. 10 B GS I 2 9 H G

QUESTION 20 Not Yet Answered Al Fursan Inc Needs 300 Kgs Of A Material
Transcribed Image Text from this QuestionQUESTION 20 Not yet answered Al Fursan Inc needs 300 kgs of a material per month (four weeks). It costs RO 10 to make and receive an order, and it takes 16 workdays to receive it. The annual holding cost is 15% of purchase price. The price RO1 per kg. The company is operating 6 days per week. What is the expected time in days) between order? Round-up to the nearest Integer Marked out of 2 50 P Flag question Select one O a. 55 b.105 c.53 d 207 0 e 58 Next page

QUESTION 4 (20 MARKS) Discuss On Two Different Styles Of Leadership. Support Your Answer
Transcribed Image Text from this QuestionQUESTION 4 (20 MARKS) Discuss on two different styles of leadership. Support your answer with relevant examples. QUESTION 5 (20 MARKS) Discuss Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and explain its relevancy in today’s competitive world. QUESTION 6 (20 MARKS) a) Explain McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y. (10 Marks) b) Explain how employees associated with Theory X can be motivated? (10 Marks)

Writing 2 Essays Of 300 Words And 1 Essay Of 150 Words. You Are
writing 2 essays of 300 words and 1 essay of 150 words. You are a Public Relations specialist in the University Hospital “Mother Theresa”. After three months in quarantine, the lock down has come to an end and normal consultations, treatment and surgery interventions have resumed. Prepare an announcement to the public at large to inform them about the actions taken by the Hospital to protect them from contracting COVID19. You are a Public Relations consultant to a fast-food chain. Recently, some news about product tampering in one of your client’s shops has been spreading. Compile a list of arguments you would suggest to your client’s Public Relations campaign to address the problems created by the news. You are the CEO of a Mining Company which has recently faced an increasing number of work accidents. Write a letter to your Public Relations consultant to ask for a piece of advice to address this crisis.

1.) What Is The Value For The REDUCED COST For The Variable S5 And What Does The Value Mean?
Writing Assignment Writing ServiceTranscribed Image Text from this QuestionA B C D E F G H J – K L M 0 P F B1 B2 B3 S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 RHS 1 1 -1 1.04 430 210 -1 1.04 -1 222 1 2 putaway 3 Year 1 4 Year 2 5 Year 3 6 Year 4 7 Year 5 8 Year 6 9 Year 7 10 Year 8 11 best -1.15 0.08875 0.08875 0.08875 0.08875 1.08875 -1 0.055 0.055 0.055 0.055 0.055 1.055 N Utilized 1 -3.5 = 0.30125 = 0.30125 = 0.30125 = 0.30125 = 1.30125 = 1.2125 = -1 1.1575 = 1 1.04 -1.35 0.1175 0.1175 0.1175 0.1175 0.1175 0.1175 1.1175 1 231 -1 1.04 -1 1.04 -1 1.04 240 195 225 255 -1 1.04 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 E G H J А B D F 1 Microsoft Excel 16.0 Limits Report 2 Worksheet: [b625aswcofinancialplanningb.xlsx]Sheet1 3 Report Created: 10/18/2018 6:31:59 AM 4 5 6 Objective 7 Cell Name Value 8 $N$2 putaway Utilized 1728.79385 9 10 11 Variable Lower Objective 12 Cell Name Value Limit Result 13 $B$11 best F 1728.79385 1728.79385 1728.79385 14 $C$11 best B1 144.98815 144.98815 1728.79385 15 $D$11 best B2 187.855848 187.855848 1728.79385 16 $E$11 best B3 228.187919 228.187919 1728.79385 17 $F$11 best S1 636.147944 636.147944 1728.79385 18 $G$11 best S2 501.605712 501.605712 1728.79385 19 $H$11 best S3 349.681791 349.681791 1728.79385 20 $I$11 best 54 182.680913 182.680913 1728.79385 21 $J$11 best 55 0 0 1728.79385 22 $K$11 best S6 0 0 1728.79385 23 $L$11 best S7 0 0 1728.79385 24 $M$11 best 58 0 01728.79385 25 Upper Objective Limit Result 1728.79385 1728.79385 144.98815 1728.79385 187.855848 1728.79385 228.187919 1728.79385 636.147944 1728.79385 501.605712 1728.79385 349.681791 1728.79385 182.680913 1728.79385 0 1728.79385 0 1728.79385 0 1728.79385 0 1728.79385 E F G H A B с D 1 Microsoft Excel 16.0 Sensitivity Report 2 Worksheet: [b625aswc09financialplanningb.xlsx]Sheet1 3 Report Created: 10/18/2018 6:31:59 AM 4 5 6 Variable Cells 7 8 9 1 10 11 12 13 Final Reduced Objective Allowable Allowable Value Cost Coefficient Increase Decrease 1728.793855 0 1E 30 1 144.9881496 0 0 0.067026339 0.013026775 187.8558478 0 0 0.012795531 0.020273774 228.1879195 0 0 0.022906851 0.749663022 636.1479438 0 0 0.109559907 0.05507386 501.605712 0 0 0.143307365 0.056948823 349.681791 0 0 0.210854199 0.059039182 182.680913 0 0 0.413598622 0.061382404 0 0.064025159 0 1E 30 0.064025159 0 0.012613604 0 1E 30 0.012613604 0 0.021318233 0 1E 30 0.021318233 0 0.670839393 0 1E 30 0.670839393 Cell Name $B$11 best F $C$11 best B1 $D$11 best B2 $E$11 best B3 $F$11 best si $G$11 best S2 $H$11 best S3 $I$11 best S4 $J$11 best S5 $K$11 best S6 $L$11 best S7 $M$11 best 58 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 21 1 22 Constraints 23 24 Cell Name 25 $N$3 Year 1 Utilized 26 $N$4 Year 2 Utilized 27 $N$5 Year 3 Utilized 28 $N$6 Year 4 Utilized 29 $N$7 Year 5 Utilized 30 $N$8 Year 6 Utilized 31 $N$9 Year 7 Utilized 32 $N$10 Year 8 Utilized 33 Final Shadow Value Price 430 210 0.961538462 222 0.924556213 231 0.888996359 240 0.854804191 195 0.760364454 225 0.718991202 255 0.670839393 Constraint Allowable Allowable R.H. Side Increase Decrease 430 1E 30 1728.793855 210 1E 30 661.5938616 222 1E 30 521.6699405 231 1E 30 363.6690626 240 1E 30 189.9881496 195 2149.927647 157.8558478 225 3027.962172 198.1879195 255 1583.881915 255 34 А B E F H J с D G 1 Microsoft Excel 16.0 Answer Report 2 Worksheet: [b625aswc09financialplanningb.xlsx]Sheet1 3 Report Created: 10/18/2018 6:31:59 AM 4 Result: Solver found a solution. All Constraints and optimality conditions are satisfied. 5 Solver Engine Engine: Simplex LP 7 Solution Time: 0.015 Seconds. 8 Iterations: 9 Subproblems: 0 9 Solver Options Max Time Unlimited, Iterations Unlimited, Precision 0.000001 Max Subproblems Unlimited, Max Integer Sols Unlimited, Integer Tolerance 1%, Assume NonNegative 6 10 11 12 13 14 Objective Cell (Min) 15 Cell Name 16 $N$2 putaway Utilized 17 Original Value Final Value 1 1728.793855 17 18 19 Variable Cells 20 Cell Name 21 $B$11 best F 22 $C$11 best B1 23 $D$11 best B2 24 $E$11 best B3 25 $F$11 best S1 26 $G$11 best S2 27 $H$11 best S3 28 $I$11 best S4 29 $J$11 best S5 30 $K$11 best S6 31 $L$11 best S7 32 $M$11 best S8 33 Original Value Final Value Integer 1 1728.793855 Contin 1 144.9881496 Contin 1 187.8558478 Contin 1 228.1879195 Contin 1 636.1479438 Contin 1 501.605712 Contin 1 349.681791 Contin 1 182.680913 Contin 1 O Contin 1 O Contin 1 O Contin 1 O Contin 33 34 35 Constraints 36 Cell Name 37 $N$3 Year 1 Utilized 38 $N$4 Year 2 Utilized 39 $N$5 Year 3 Utilized 40 $N$6 Year 4 Utilized 41 $N$7 Year 5 Utilized 42 $N$8 Year 6 Utilized 43 $N$9 Year 7 Utilized 44 $N$10 Year 8 Utilized 45 Cell Value Formula Status Slack 430 $N$3=$P$3 Binding 0 210 $N$4=$P$4 Binding 222 $N$5=$P$5 Binding 0 231 $N$6=$P$6 Binding 240 $N$7=$P$7 Binding 0 195 $N$8=$P$8 Binding 0 225 $N$9=$P$9 Binding 0 255 $N$10=$P$10 Binding 0 46

Visit The Page “About Groupon” To Learn More About The Company. Pull Out Its
Visit the page “About Groupon” to learn more about the company. Pull out its Q4 2019 fact Sheet. Also, browse pages such as “Groupon Merchant Blog”, etc. Then, in your own words describe what Groupon is as a company (e.g. what type of E-Commerce it is), what its business model is (e.g. how it generates revenues), what its current situation is, and how do you see its future?

Draw The Network For This Problem. Min 10x1A 12x1B 15x1C
Draw the network for this problem. Min      10x1A 12x1B 15x1C 25x1D 11x2A 14x2B 19x2C 32x2D 18x3A 21x3B 23x3C 29x3D 15x4A 20x4B 26x4C 28x4D             s.t.       x1A x1B x1C x1D   = 1                         x2A x2B x2C x2D = 1                         x3A x3B x3C x3D = 1             x4A x4B x4C x4D   = 1             x1A x2A x3A x4A   = 1             x1B x 2B x3B x4B = 1             x1C x2C x3C x4C   = 1             x1D x2D x3D x4D = 1

A Process That Is Assumed To Be In Control With Limits Of 85 2
Transcribed Image Text from this QuestionA process that is assumed to be in control with limits of 85 2 had sample averages for the x-bar chart of the following: 87.1, 87, 87.2,89,90,88.5, 89.5, and 88. Which of the following statement below are correct? Select one a. Not enough information to determine b. Process mean is out-of-control c. Process mean is in-control. d. None of above

Lalith Is A Store’s Manager And Head Of The Distribution Centre In An Indian
Transcribed Image Text from this QuestionLalith is a store’s manager and head of the distribution centre in an Indian company that’s located in one of the developing cities. His family includes his parents who have retired from their respective banking professions, his wife who is working as a librarian in a college, his twin sons who are now eligible for primary school admissions and an unemployed younger sister whose marriage is fixed. Lalith belongs to a middle class segment but more or less, the income level and family saving is good. Lalith’s parents are conservative in nature. They prefer to spend on the basic necessities and those essential things that make up a living. However, Lalith likes to have a comfortable lifestyle and spends most of his earnings on furnishings and interior decor. Recently, Lalith had bought two air-conditioners but his parents didn’t let him install it in their room. So, he had to put the second one in the children’s room. Lalith often ignores his parent’s advices and does what he feels like doing. He is also planning to purchase a car within a year. His wife doesn’t mind Lalith’s spending habits but she is very particular to ensure that her salary is spent only on the household expenses and the rest goes to the Fixed Deposit of her Bank. Now, since Lalith’s sister is getting married soon, his parents have insisted on Lalith to spend less and save more so that the marriage ceremony takes place in a splendid way. Lalith’s marriage was a small event because most of the relatives and friends had already informed that they could not attend the occasion for personal reasons. And so, Laith’s parents wanted to invite all the relatives and friends for their daughter’s wedding and make the occasion a grand success. Due to this reason, there are small fights happening in the house and Lalith feels that his income is not enough to meet the requirements. He is getting irritated over small things and he has lost concentration on his work. Then one particular working day when Lalith was carrying out his usual routine work at the warehouse he gets a sudden call from the Vice-President (VP) of the company asking him to meet within the next half an hour. He is surprised and at the same time nervous about the meeting wondering what was the meeting about. He delegates some work to his assistant and then hurries to the adjacent building block. The top authorities of the company had their offices in this block. No sooner he enters the building he is called inside the VP’s chamber and after some time when Lalith comes out of the room he realizes that he has received a cash reward for a record work he had accomplished a long time back. The top management even presented him a Certificate of Excellence and a personal letter asking him to lead by example. When he comes back to his office he also realizes that a copy of his certificate was put across the company’s internal e-mails and notice boards. He is very happy with the recognition he deserved especially with the Cash amount he received and commits himself to solving more complicated tasks at the workplace. Realising the need for a car before his sister’s marriage, he even decides to purchase a car without wasting much time. He takes a friend along when selecting the type of car, the brand, the features and other attributes. Lalith is not particular about the brand but he prefers to have a big, spacious car which also is convenient for long distance traveling. He has an unclear budget above which he is not willing to pay for the car. His friend tells him that while deciding the features, color and other aspects, he may have to spend additional amount as well. At the end, he and his friend list down the three suitable brands that meets Lalith’s considerations. After thinking for about a week, regarding the three car choices, Lalith finally selects one among them. In the next two days, he completes all the formalities and payments with respect to the purchase. He also tells the showroom executives to deliver the car to his home. He already has a driving license but then he decides to keep a driver till he gets the confidence to drive a big car. 2 His parents are also happy seeing that Lalith his wife and kids are excited about owning a car. Lalith manages to convince his conservative parents that savings are important but spending on finer things in life is not bad as well especially when you are in a position to do so. His sister’s marriage takes place with grandeur and Lalith gets the opportunity to display his big car in front of the guests. After recognizing Lalith’s family background, status and situation? Q1. What do you think are the factors that influence Lalith’s buying behavior in general? According to Maslow’s need hierarchy theory, what are the needs of Lalith as a consumer and as an individual? Q2. Identify and analyze Lalith’s decision-making stages when he purchased the car.

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