Home » 2 (E 6-13) The COGS Computation Of Gouda Company And Edam Company Are Show

2 (E 6-13) The COGS Computation Of Gouda Company And Edam Company Are Show

Transcribed Image Text from this Question2 (E 6-13) The COGS computation of Gouda Company and Edam Company are show below. Gouda Company Edam Company Beginning inventory 47.000 71.000 Cost of good purchase 200.000 290.000 Cost of good available for sale 247.000 361.000 Ending Inventory 55.000 169.000 Cost of good sold 192.000 292.000 Instructions: compute inventory turn over and days in inventory for each company

Eddison Electronic Company (EEC) Provides Electricity For Several States In The United States. You
Eddison Electronic Company (EEC) provides electricity for several states in the United States. You have been employed as a cost accountant at this organization. You were asked to provide training to operational managers in areas in which they are struggling, such as internal rate of return, simple rate of return, and net present value. Please discuss the following: How is the internal rate of return calculated? Explain how it supports a capital business decision versus the NPV model. Explain how simple rate of return has been used in a company you are familiar with related to capital budgeting.

X Your Answer Is Incorrect. Nate Is Investing In A Partnership With Deidre. Nate
Transcribed Image Text from this QuestionX Your answer is incorrect. Nate is investing in a partnership with Deidre. Nate contributes as part of his initial investment, Accounts Receivable of $59400; an Allowance for Doubtful Accounts of $9400; and $5300 cash. The entry that the partnership makes to record Nate’s initial contribution includes a • debit to Allowance for Doubtful Accounts for $9400. credit to Nate, Capital for $55300. credit to Nate, Capital for $64700, debit to Accounts Receivable for $50000 e Textbook and Media

P 2-8 Adjusting Entries • LO2-6 Excalibur Corporation Sells Video Games For Personal Computers.
Transcribed Image Text from this QuestionP 2-8 Adjusting entries • LO2-6 Excalibur Corporation sells video games for personal computers. The unadjusted trial balance as of December 31, 2021. appears below. December 31 is the company’s reporting year-end. The company uses the perpetual inven- tory system Account Title Debits Credits 23,300 32,500 -0- -0- 65,000 75,000 Cash Accounts receivable Supplies Prepaid rent Inventory Office equipment Accumulated depreciation Accounts payable Salaries payable Notes payable Common stock Retained earnings Dividends Sales revenue Cost of goods sold Interest expense Salaries expense Rent expense Supplies expense Utilities expense Totals 10.000 26,100 3,000 30.000 80,000 22,050 6,000 180,000 95,000 -0- 32,350 14,000 2.000 6,000 351,150 351,150 Information necessary to prepare the year-end adjusting entries appears below. 1. The office equipment was purchased in 2019 and is being depreciated using the straight-line method over a ten-year useful life with no salvage value. 2. Accrued salaries at year-end should be $4.500. CHAPTER 2 Review of the Accounting Process 103 3. The company borrowed $30,000 on September 1, 2021. The principal is due to be repaid in 10 years. Interest is payable twice a year on each August 31 and February 28 at an annual rate of 10%. 4. The company debits supplies expense when supplies are purchased. Supplies on hand at year-end cost $500. 5. Prepaid rent at year-end should be $1,000 Required: Prepare the necessary December 31, 2021, adjusting entries.

Please Provide Complete Solution This Is Complete Question No Missing Data .. Plz Dont
Accounting Assignment Writing ServiceTranscribed Image Text from this Question1. Firms may hold financial assets to earn returns. How the firm would classify financial assets? What treatment will such financial assets get in the financial statements in accordance with US GAAP and IFRS standards? 2. Company owner contributes 100,000, which is invested in a twenty year bond with a 5% coupon paid semi-annually. After six months the firm receives the coupon payment of 2500 and the market price has reached to 102,000. Show the balance sheet and income statement treatment under each of the following categorization: held for trading, available for sale, held to maturity. 3. At the start of year 1 owner contribute 100. After year 1 the company purchases the financial assets categorized as AFS worth 10. During year 1 the net income is 20 which is retained. The value of financial assets goes up to 12. During year 2 there is treasury stock operation worth 30 Net income is 40 which is retained. Financial asset goes up to 15. Show the relevant equity components at the end of year 1 and 2.

Question 16 Of 49 > -11 View Policies Current Attempt In Progress Even Well
Transcribed Image Text from this QuestionQuestion 16 of 49 > -11 View Policies Current Attempt in Progress Even well run businesses sometimes fail because O of all of these O partners may disagree about the direction of the business and undermine each other. O steal assets from the business after losing trust in their partners, O lack of demand for the products that the business sells.

Shamrock Offers An MP3 Download (seven-single Medley) As A Premium For Every 6 Candy
Transcribed Image Text from this QuestionShamrock offers an MP3 download (seven-single medley) as a premium for every 6 candy bar wrappers presented by customers together with $2.80. The candy bars are sold by the company to distributors for 30 cents each. The purchase price of each download code to the company is $2.55. In addition, it costs 50 cents to distribute each code. The results of the premium plan for the years 2020 and 2021 are as follows. (All purchases and sales are for cash.) 2020 2021 MP3 codes purchased Candy bars sold Wrappers redeemed 2020 wrappers expected to be redeemed in 2021 2021 wrappers expected to be redeemed in 2022 300,000 2,924,600 1,440,000 348,000 396,000 2,542,100 1,800,000 420,000 Prepare the journal entries that should be made in 2020 and 2021 to record the transactions related to the premium plan of the Shamrock. (If no entry is required, select “No Entry” for the account titles and enter O for the amounts. Credit account titles are automatically indented when amount is entered. Do not indent manually. Round answers to O decimal places, e.g. 1,525.) Account Titles and Explanation Debit Credit 2020 Inventory of Premiums 765000 Cash 765000 (To record the premium inventory.) Cash 877380 Sales Revenue 877380 (To record the sales.) Cash 662400 Premium Expense 146230 Inventory of Premiums 808630 (To record the expense associated with the sale.) Premium Expense 87000 Premium Liability 87000 (To record the premium liability.) 2021 Inventory of Premiums 1009800 Cash 1009800 (To record the premium inventory.) Cash 762630 Sales Revenue 762630 (To record the sales.) Cash 828000 Premium Liability 87000 Premium Expense Inventory of Premiums (To record the expense associated with the sale.) (To record the premium liability.) Indicate the amounts for each accounts, and classifications of the items related to the premium plan that would appear on the balance sheet and the income statement at the end of 2020 and 2021. Amount Account 2020 2021 Classification Inventory of Premiums $ $ Premium Liability Premium Expense e Textbook and Media Stockholders’ Equity Current Liability Selling Expense Long-term Investments Property, Plant and Equipment Current Asset List of Accounts

A Small Video Chain Is Deciding Whether To Engage In A New Line Of
A small video chain is deciding whether to engage in a new line of delivery business, which implies setting up a page where customers could choose movies based on available in-store inventory and pick a time for delivery. The purpose of this analysis is to obtain an estimate of the net present value of this project, which requires an upfront investment of $800,000. Part of this amount will come from debt of $750,000 (held in perpetuity). Currently, Sampa Video, Inc. is unlevered. Assume that the cost of debt is 6.8%, the corporate tax is 40% and the return required by equity investors in the all-equity firm is 15.8%. Sampa Video, Inc. is planning to run the new line of delivery only for the next 5 years. The following financial information is available regarding the expected cash flows of the new line of delivery (in $ thousand) Projected (t=1) Projected (t=2) Projected (t=3) Projected (t=4) Projected (t=5) delta (NWC) 0 0 0 0 0 Capital Expenditures 300 300 300 300 300 Depreciation 200 225 250 275 300 Revenue -Costs 180 360 585 840 1,125 Questions: 1. Calculate the unlevered present value 2. Calculate the present value of the expected interest tax shields 3. Calculate the APV. 4. Why is APV a preferable method to WACC in this situation? How do their assumptions differ? Expert Answer Anonymous answered this Was this answer helpful? 1 0 23 answers 4. Why is APV a preferable method ? The value of a project financed with debt may be higher than that of an all equity-financed one since the cost of capital often decreases with leverage, turning some negative NPV projects into positive ones. Thus, under the NPV rule, a project may be rejected if it’s financed with only equity, but may be accepted if it’s financed with some debt. Moreover, the APV approach takes into consideration the benefits of raising debts (e.g. interest tax shield), which NPV does not do. As such, APV analysis is widely preferred in highly leveraged transactions. The WACC approach assumes that debt is a constant proportion of company value instead of the fixed amount of debt assumed by M

The Following Information Is The Preliminary Trial Balance Of Alpha Petrol Station Ltd For
Transcribed Image Text from this QuestionThe following information is the preliminary trial balance of Alpha Petrol Station Ltd for the year ended 31st December 2019. Debits (E) Credits (E) 10,000,000 Sales Land 1,800,000 552,500 3,700,000 700,000 590,000 12,500 4,000,000 450,000 120,000 75,000 500,000 280,000 Cash Property Inventories (at the 1st of January 2019) Tools and equipment Accrued Administrative Expense Purchases Staff Wages Administrative Expense Accrued Staff Wages Bank Loan General Operating Expenses Loan Interest Received Rent Received (additional storage space) Management Salaries Goodwill Plant and machinery Trade Payables Trade Receivables Fixtures and Fittings Share Premium Account Share Capital (£1 nominal) Revenue Reserve – Retained Earnings Capital Reserve – Asset Revaluation 40,000 25,000 560,000 450,000 440,000 120,000 720,000 650,000 2,000,000 1,000,000 920,000 320,000 15,012,500 15,012,500 Adjustments 1) Closing inventories was £500,000 on the 31st of December 2019. 2) Corporation tax is 20% for the year, 50% due in April 2020. 3) Depreciation (all based on reducing balance): a) Tools and equipment – 20% b) Plant and machinery – 10% c) Fixture and fittings – 5% 4) Amortisation/Impairment: a) Goodwill – to be impaired at a cost of £250,000 for the year. 5) Land was revalued from £1,800,000 to £2,000,000. 6) Property was purchased for £500,000 in cash. 7) Dividends were distributed to shareholders during the financial year to a value of £420,000 in cash. 8) A rights issue of 4 for 1 basis, at £2.50 per share, with 75% of shares bought by shareholders. REQUIRED Please prepare a balance sheet and income statement for 31st of December 2019 using the trial balance presented on the previous page, ensuring that you make all the requested adjustments.

1. Max Has Provided You With Information Below And Asked You To Calculate The
Transcribed Image Text from this Question1. Max has provided you with information below and asked you to calculate the COS and Gross Profit for the two items listed. Max began the month with no stock of either product. Max’s latest stock take revealed that there were 62 units of Product 1 and 8 units of Product 2 still on hand. Product 1 – Clean Power kits are a spare parts option to increase the energy output and fuel economy of existing engines. Each unit now sells for $199 Date Purchases (units) Sales (units) 100 a $80 15 45 35 @ $90 30 25 @ $105 August 3 6 9 11 14 16 18 21 24 26 28 29 31 15 30 45 @ $100 60 @ $120 50 7 (5) @ $100 (Returned) TOTAL 260 192 Product 2 – The DIY Clean Air Turbo System is an off the shelf package including everything you need to install a new Turbo system. The packs sell for $2,200 each. Purchases Sales (units) (units) Date Aug 25 @ $1,000 9 5 @ $1,060 1 10 @ $1,092 1 2 3 5 8 12 15 18 21 22 24 26 (2) Returned undamaged 4 7 8 @ $1153.50 7 개 8 TOTAL 48 40 Calculations Part 1.

U1-Matlab Types Exercise 1. Given An M X N Matrix A , Write A
Transcribed Image Text from this QuestionU1-Matlab Types Exercise 1. Given an m x n matrix A , write a matlab function that reads the matrix starting at the northwest corner, spiraling clockwise towards the center. Then store the result by column in a 2 x 8 matrix. Repeat the process for rand(state’,5); randi (10,4,9). Return the result in a 3 x 12 stored by rows.

πμ FIORT 5 -/1 Bagley Invests Personally Owned Equipment, Which Originally Cost $210000 And
Transcribed Image Text from this Questionπμ FIORT 5 -/1 Bagley invests personally owned equipment, which originally cost $210000 and has accumulated depreciation of $59000 in the Bagley and Eggers partnership. Both partners agree that the fair value of the equipment was $119000. The entry made by the partnership to record Bagley’s investment should be 210000 O Equipment Accumulated Depreciation- Equipment Bagley, Capital 59000 151000 119000 Equipment Loss on Purchase of Equipment Accumulated Depreciation- Equipment Bagley, Capital 32000 59000 210000

Max Seems To Remember That While The Periodic System Of Inventory Recording Was
Max seems to remember that while the periodic system of inventory recording was much easier it had some problems. Discuss the appropriateness of the Perpetual and Periodic recording systems for the two products you have looked at and provide reasons to support your conclusions. (You may find that one system is not appropriate for both products.)

Written Assignment Unit 1 Submit A Paper Which Is 2-3 Pages In Length (no
Written Assignment Unit 1 Submit a paper which is 2-3 pages in length (no more than 3-pages), exclusive of the reference page. Cite at least three sources in APA format. In this paper, in addition to presenting the computed answers, please also discuss how you arrived at each answer the accounting problem asks. The accounting problem presents a company’s balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows for a theoretical company, Polly’s Pet Products. Each of these statements has blank lines. Determine the values that would be appropriate for each blank line. Provide a narrative of how you arrived at each value. Include in this narrative an explanation of: the financial statement being completed; the account being valued; its relationship to the other financial data. For example, if the accounts payable (AP) line was missing, describe what a balance sheet is and explain that you can derive the AP value based on knowing all the other values of the current liabilities section. Then explain what an account liability is, as well as why it would belong in the current liabilities section of the balance sheet. Finally, analyze, evaluate, and develop a conclusion about the company’s performance based on the completed statements. Please refer to the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows of Polly’s Pet Products. Superior papers will mention and explain the following elements when responding to the assignment question: Provide correct balances for the blank financial account lines. Define the financial statement being completed. Discuss how the values were determined. Define and explain each account line that was completed. Analyze, evaluate, and develop conclusions about the company’s performance based on the financial information. Show transcribed image text

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