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2 P. QUESTION 28 Which Of The Following Statements About Potassium Is The Most

Transcribed Image Text from this Question2 p. QUESTION 28 Which of the following statements about potassium is the most accurate? A. Potassium plays an important role in maintaining fluid balance in the cells. B. People in the U.S. usually have adequate levels of potassium because they have access to so many fruits and vegetables year round. Potassium is one of the few minerals that can be supplemented safely since it is almost impossible to C. reach toxic levels. Although bananas are a good source of potassium, it is best to avoid them because they contain so much natural sugar. D

A 90-year-old Resident Of A Long-term Care Facility Has A History Of Dementia, Diabetes,
A 90-year-old resident of a long-term care facility has a history of dementia, diabetes, mellitus, peripheral vascular disease, and osteoarthritis. He is totally dependent in activities of daily living (ADLs). Over the course of the past 2 weeks, he is noted to have a decreased appetite and a sudden change in behavior. He is being discussed at the team meeting due to this change in behavior. The RN reports that when the nurse aids attempts to get him out of bed, he actively resists and strikes out. He also screams when being showered, especially when his lower extremities are washed, and when being dressed. He has been moved to a private room in the facility due to his behavioral changes disturbing his roommate. The RN reports that he has a large ulcer on the medial aspect of his left foot as well as a small ulcer on the malleolus. His right heel is reddened and soft to touch. The patient’s daughter is present at the meeting and asks the RN whether she thinks her father is in pain. The RN responds that she attempted to administer the pain scale but that he was not able to respond. Do you think this resident is in pain? What signs is he exhibiting that make you draw that conclusion? What is the best way of assessing pain in a cognitively impaired elder? What interventions can be instituted to improve his comfort?

QUESTION 24 2 Points Save Answer Which Of The Following Food Combinations Is Given
Transcribed Image Text from this QuestionQUESTION 24 2 points Save Answer Which of the following food combinations is given in your text as an example of a “high quality” protein because it contains complementary amino acids? A. peanut butter on whole wheat bread B. whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce C. brown rice and potatoes D. All of the above supply high quality protein because they contain complementary amino acids. AUCTION

QUESTION 40 Which Of The Following Is Not A Complex Carbohydrate? A. Potato B.
Transcribed Image Text from this QuestionQUESTION 40 Which of the following is not a complex carbohydrate? A. potato B. flax C.apple D. pasta QUESTION 41 Although a healthy diet is the best source of vitamins during pregnancy as well as throughout the life cycle. Click Save and Submit to save and submit. Click Save All Answers to save all answers.

Choose One Of The Following Topics To Discuss In Paragraph Form With No Fewer
Nursing Assignment Writing ServiceTranscribed Image Text from this QuestionChoose one of the following topics to discuss in paragraph form with no fewer than six sentences. Scenario 1 1. What are the actions of adrenergic agonists? (USLO 2.2) 2. You are preparing to administer albuterol to your patient with asthma. What classification is this drug? Explain how albuterol works to control asthma? (USLO 2.1, 2.4) What side effects and adverse reactions will you monitor for while your patient is taking this medication? (USLO2.3) • How would you evaluate your patient to know the medication was effective? (USLO 2.2, 2.4) What teaching will be included when administering this drug classification? (USLO 2.4)

QUESTION 34 A Bowl Of Haversham’s Hearty Potato Soup Contains 200 Calories And 11
Transcribed Image Text from this QuestionQUESTION 34 A bowl of Haversham’s Hearty Potato Soup contains 200 calories and 11 grams of unsaturated fat. Approximately what percentage of the total calories in this soup comes from healthy fat? A. 72% B. 65% C.50% D.44% QUESTION 35 normativing nutrients, the soup in the question above

You Must Now Evaluate Your Plan And Proposed Outcomes Against Which Cultural Safety Strategies
You must now evaluate your plan and proposed outcomes against which cultural safety strategies can be measured. You must involve persons approved of by relevant local community elders when undertaking this task. Interact with appropriate personnel and seek their feedback in improving your plan. Activities you need to complete as part of this task are provided in the following table. EVALUATE CULTURAL SAFETY STRATEGIES – Part B (in 30-40 words each) Question 1 Whom (persons approved of by relevant local community elders) did you liaise with in evaluating your plan and proposed outcomes?

QUESTION 31 Which Of The Following Is A Health Benefit Of A Diet Containing
Transcribed Image Text from this QuestionQUESTION 31 Which of the following is a health benefit of a diet containing adequate intake of fiber? A. A diet supplying adequate amounts of fiber helps with maintaining a healthy weight. B. Adequate intake of fiber helps lower blood cholesterol and regulates blood sugar levels C. AFiber helps to keep the digestive system healthy by protecting it from cancer-causing chemicals. D. All of the above are health benefits of a diet containing adequate intake of fiber. QUESTION 32

Plan And Document Different Ways (minimum Three) To Encourage Increased Participation Of The Aboriginal
Plan and document different ways (minimum three) to encourage increased participation of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in your region in the information session. (You must include in your response how you would integrate strategies that would encourage self-determination and community control among the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the information session?

Every Day We Are Involved In Good Personal Hygiene Practices (for Example: Showering). Good
Every day we are involved in good personal hygiene practices (for example: showering). Good hygiene practices are essential in a healthcare environment not only for our own health and safety but also to protect our clients. Provide examples of good personal hygiene practices we can follow when working in a health care facility ensuring you include the importance of hand care in your answer (in 50-70 words).

2 Points Save QUESTION 4 Which Of The Following Statements Best Represents What We
Transcribed Image Text from this Question2 points Save QUESTION 4 Which of the following statements best represents what we know about the causes of diabetes Type 2? Overproduction of the hormone glucagon is the primary factor associated with the onset of diabetes Type A. 2 because this hormone causes release of sugar into the blood stream. Underproduction of the hormone insulin is the primary factorassociated with the onset of B. diabetes Type 2 because insulin causes muscles to take up sugar from the bloodstream. Obesity is the primary factor associated with the onset of diabetes Type 2 because it increases insulin resistance, in the body tissues, decreasing the uptake of sugar from the bloodstream. D. Excessive sugar intake is the primary factor associated with the onset of diabetes Type 2. C. QUESTION 5 2 points Which of the foods listed below would provide the most “high quality” protein?

Infections Can Spread Very Fast Through Health Care Facilities If The Appropriate Precautions Aren’t
Infections can spread very fast through health care facilities if the appropriate precautions aren’t maintained. However, some individuals are more susceptible to infections than others which require even more stringent care when looking after them. Building on your understanding of infection and its spread, develop a list of 4 susceptible hosts and propose why these hosts are at a higher risk of developing an infection (in 50 – 70 words).

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