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2 page essay The following excerpt is from Clock Dance by Anne

2 page essay The following excerpt is from Clock Dance by Anne Tyler (published in 2018). In this passage two girls, Willa and Sonya, head out into a neighborhood to sell candy for their school orchestra’s fund-raiser. Read the passage carefully. Then, in a well-written essay, analyze how Tyler uses literary elements and techniques to convey the complex relationships among the characters.In your response you should do the following:Respond to the prompt with a thesis that presents an interpretation and may establish a line of reasoning.Select and use evidence to develop and support your line of reasoning.Explain the relationship between the evidence and your thesis.The houses on Harper Road were newish. Ranch-style, they were called. They were all on one level and made of brick, and the people who lived there were newish, too—most of them employed by the furniture factory that had opened over in Garrettville a couple of years ago. Willa and Sonya didn’t know a one of them, and this was a good thing because then they wouldn’t feel so self-conscious pretending to be salesmen.Before they tried the first house, they stopped behind a big evergreen bush in order to get themselves ready. They had washed their hands and faces back at Sonya’s house, and Sonya had combed her hair, which was the straight, dark, ribbony kind that a comb could slide right through. Willa’s billow of yellow curls needed a brush instead of a comb, but Sonya didn’t own a brush and so Willa had just flattened her frizzes with her palms as best she could. She and Sonya wore almost-matching wool jackets with fake-fur-trimmed hoods, and blue jeans with the cuffs turned up to show their plaid flannel linings. Sonya had sneakers on but Willa was still in her school shoes, brown tie oxfords, because she hadn’t wanted to stop by home and get waylaid by her little sister, who would beg to tag along.“Hold the whole carton up when they open the door,” Sonya told Willa. “Not just one candy bar. Ask, ‘Would you like to buy some candy bars?’ Plural.”“I’m going to ask?” Willa said. “I thought you were.”“I’d feel silly asking.”“What, you don’t think I’d feel silly?”“But you’re much better with grownups.”“What will you be doing?”“I’ll be in charge of the money,” Sonya said, and she waved her envelope.Willa said, “Okay, but then you have to ask at the next house.”“Fine,” Sonya said.Of course it was fine, because the next house was bound to be easier. But Willa tightened her arms around the carton, and Sonya turned to lead the way up the flagstone walk.This house had a metal sculpture out front that was nothing but a tall, swooping curve, very modern. The doorbell was lit with a light that glowed even in the daytime. Sonya poked it. A rich-sounding two-note chime rang somewhere inside, followed by a silence so deep that they could begin to hope no one was home. But then footsteps approached, and the door opened, and a woman stood smiling at them. She was younger than their mothers and more stylish, with short brown hair and bright lipstick, and she wore a miniskirt. “Why, hello, girls,” she said, while behind her a little boy came toddling up, dragging a pull toy and asking, “Who’s that, Mama? Who’s that, Mama?”Willa looked at Sonya. Sonya looked at Willa. Something about Sonya’s expression—so trusting, so expectant, her lips moistened and slightly parted as if she planned to start speaking along with Willa—struck Willa as comical, and she felt a little burp of laughter rising in her chest and then bubbling in her throat. The sudden, surprising squeak that popped out seemed comical too—hilarious, in fact—and the bubble of laughter turned to gales of laughter, whole waterfalls of laughter, and next to her Sonya broke into sputters and doubled in on herself while the woman stood looking at them, still smiling a questioning smile. Willa asked, “Would you like—? Would you like—?” but she couldn’t finish; she was overcome; she couldn’t catch her breath.“Are you two offering to sell me something?” the woman suggested kindly. Willa could tell that she’d probably gotten the giggles herself when she was their age, although surely—oh, lord—surely not such hysterical giggles, such helpless, overpowering, uncontrollable giggles. These giggles were like a liquid that flooded Willa’s whole body, causing tears to stream from her eyes and forcing her to crumple over her carton and clamp her legs together so as not to pee. She was mortified, and she could see from Sonya’s desperate, wild-eyed face that she was mortified too, but at the same time it was the most wonderful, loose, relaxing feeling. Her cheeks ached and her stomach muscles seemed to have softened into silk. She could have melted into a puddle right there on the stoop.Sonya was the first to give up. She flapped an arm wearily in the woman’s direction and turned to start back down in the flagstone walk, and Willa turned too and followed without another word. After a moment, they heard the front door gently closing behind them.They weren’t laughing anymore. Willa felt tired to the bone, and emptied and a little sad. And Sonya might have felt the same way, because the sun still hung like a thin white dime above Bert Kane Ridge, but she said, “We ought to wait till the weekend. It’s too hard when we’ve got all this homework.” Willa didn’t argue.

You will find two different people to observe during story-telling time. This
You will find two different people to observe during story-telling time. This can either be a preschool, library, Head Start/State Preschool, or kindergarten classroom of an elementary school. You will use Chapters 5

Using “The Prophet” (Kahlil Gibran) as a reference, create a short position
Using “The Prophet” (Kahlil Gibran) as a reference, create a short position paper on the topic of personal strategy. Consider the following statement: Personal strategies, when embraced by the individual, can impact a community or perhaps society as a whole.[NOTE – The text is divided into numerous chapters including self-knowledge, friendship, time, freedom, good and evil, work, etc. You may wish to focus your efforts on one particular chapter, or you may prefer to dabble with different quotes from different chapters.] Your paper needs to include:Intro – In one paragraph briefly state your position agreeing or disagreeing with this statement.Body – List 5 specific references (quotes) that support your position. Briefly explain each quote in your own words.Conclusion – Consider personal strategies employed during struggles, accomplishments, challenges or achievements you have experienced that have impacted others in your community/society/family/sorority or fraternity/res hall/group/team. In other words, how have choices you have made impacted others? How have these choices framed your own personal strategy?use the link :https://the-prophet.com/#TableofContents

Assignment 1: It is a simple poem assignment, the teacher will
Assignment 1: It is a simple poem assignment, the teacher will not grade it tough. Please use my experience about learning SAT and TOFEL test in two months and succeed got ucla’s offer finally to write a 15-20 lines poem.  In the poem you can describe that how hard to learn a second language in 2 month. Study day and night. 20,000 vocabularies need to remember. Even though for native speaker students, SAT is also a tough test for them. However, I study to learn these two tests from I only know a little bit English and finally got 1460/1600 in SAT. My parents and teachers are so proud of me. The poem does not to be perfect. Just try your best to write as good as you can.  Assignment 2: For this post, discuss:  What is the relationship between marriage, monogamy, and power? Please reference the Spade article in your post. (Below is the reading that for assignment2)

choose two mythological narratives that we have examined so far in this
choose two mythological narratives that we have examined so far in this course, or that you are otherwise personally familiar with. The two myths that you choose should have one or more elements in common, possibly including (but not limited to): Overarching story (e.g., creation, flood) or story elements (e.g., descent into the underworld, establishment of divine rulership, rapture of mortals by gods, divine disguise) Narrative structure (e.g., repetitive patterns, discursion) Themes (e.g., love, jealousy, mortality, revenge, mutability/transformation, limits of human power/knowledge) Characters (e.g., tricksters) Cultural functions (e.g., reinforcement of societal norms, explanation of origins of society, explanation of natural phenomena, incorporation in ritual practices, entertainment) Compare and contrast the two myths you choose, taking into consideration the various elements noted above and any others you deem relevant. (In making comparisons, you do not necessarily need to apply the specifically “comparativist” approach discussed in the course as one historical strand of mythological analysis.) While you are welcome to reference external sources, this is not a research paper and the use of secondary sources is not required or expected. If you choose to examine a myth not discussed in the course, however, please indicate the source from which you have taken this.

of the poem below gently disagrees with Waterman’s choice to die on the mountain. He
The narrator of the poem below gently disagrees with Waterman’s choice to die on the mountain. He asks: “Was it bravery or cowardice, what Waterman did?” We can ask whether Waterman seems to be in the tradition of Hemingway’s Nick or Mukherjee’s Shaila? Is he more like Eliot’s Prufrock? Fitzgerald’s Charlie? Or Ellison’s “invisible man?” Have American “values” changed? What’s your opinion of Waterman’s choice? 250 words. Emailed. Please be sure to put your name on the paper. Use American Literature short paper as the subject line. On Feb. 6, 67-year-old Guy Waterman- naturalist,outdoorsman, devoted husband…decided to climb a New Hampshire mountain, liedown on the cold stones and die overnight of exposure. “Death is intended,” hewrote.…the melancholy beauty of giving it all up. Isn’t that what Eskimos did when they were old,Dragged themselves through a wildernessOf ice and up some mountain?Then they could fall asleep forever,Their dark eyes speckled with falling snow–Not a suicide exactly but the openingOf a door so death could enter.“Quit while you’re ahead, my father told meAs I was feeding quarters into slot machines.And that’s what Waterman did, he quitBefore infirmity could catch him, or other afflictionsWhose breath he could already smell.But I wanted more: a waterfall of coinsSpilt on my lap, the raw electric chargeOf money. I came away with nothing;But I still wanted more, if only more chaptersIn the family book I’m part of: I wantTo read all the unfolding stories–each childA mystery only time can solve.Was it bravery or cowardice, what Waterman did,Or are those simply two sides of a coin,Like the coin some casual God might flip,Deciding who would live or die that day?I’d rather flip the coin myself, but not at 67.And not quite yet, I tell myself at 70, as springStreams in over our suburban hills, enflamingEven the white New Hampshire mountains.

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