Accounting Dissertation Topics

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Accounting research paper topics

  1. Emergent issues in accounting ethics scholarship: A review of literature
  2. Enhancing professionalism through ethical accounting: An analysis of current models.
  3. Ethical issues in accounting research: An empirical study
  1. Who bears risk? An empirical study of risk management strategies in American retailer Walmart.
  2. Precedents to accounting malpractice: A case study of the Toshiba.
  3. Reconciling performance and compliance: Corporate governance modeling for a green economy
  4. Income uncertainty management strategies for hostile markets: A case study of the Tobacco industry
  1. Accounting forensic techniques for internet banking: An analysis of current models.
  2. Failure prediction for the banking industry: A review of current and proposed models 
  3. Contemporary trends in accounts reporting: A case study of the UK banking industry

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