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Description you need go online to another art museum which has a selection of ancient Greek pottery. Your job is to look at the Greek pottery in the ancient gallery. Notice the different periods of Greek painting that you see represented on at least three to four vases. In doing to, trace the evolution of the styles of Greek art that range across the following periods: Geometric - Oriental - Archaic - Classical - Hellenistic. Be sure to discuss the motifs and the image of the human form as it evolves. Furthermore, you will want to look at the websites below to get a more informed viewpoint about the human form in Greek art, especially those early periods where the body is not depicted as often. Please attach images of the vases that you choose. 1. Include a title, your name and the date.2. Keep to the third person in a formal paper, so no "I, you or we".3. In your introduction give an overall statement about ancient Greek pottery decoration and where it was mostly done in ancient Greece. Also give an introduction to the figure on pottery here.4. In the body of your paper give specific examples of vases with the human figure painted on them in different styles. Describe examples in details.5. In your conclusion sum up what you have written.6. Include references. If you use sentences from other sources they must be in quotes with footnotes.In about 750 words, write an essay that fulfills the assignment description above. I suggest using the visual elements and principles of design that you learned in the beginning of the quarter. Be sure to introduce your works of art by title (in italics), date, and location or region. Please provide me with a good image pasted into your paper. At the end of your essay, include a short bibliography in an acceptable format (MLA, APA etc.) of the books or websites you consulted. Consider what makes a source reputable. Usually, it's not Wikipedia, so don't cite it. Instead, look at the sources the Wikipedia author consulted and see if they have any useful information that you can associate with an author or scholarly entity. (For assistance with writing a bibliography, consult this resource:


Thank you so much! I’ll be back with more work next semester!

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