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Description The paper is over MENTHOL !!!!!!!Technical formatting guidelines: • Use 11 point Arial font. The entire document should be double-spaced and single column without “justification”. • The outer margins should be 1”. • All Tables and Figures should be placed at the end of the document after the References Cited section. Refer to the tables and/or figures in numerical order throughout the text. Ex., Table 1, Table 2...etc. • Include a description of all tables and legends with the figure or table at the end of the document. Descriptions for tables and figures should be single spaced.Headings and sections for the paper Your monograph will be divided into several predetermined sections that must be used. Each section heading will be on a line of its own and highlighted in bold. Subheadings (if any are needed) will be highlighted in bold and italicized. Here is what your paper should include about your Chemical with appropiate headings ! Traditional Uses How have cultures practicing traditional medicine used the phytochemical? When discussing traditional medical uses – please specify which culture(s). Do they use it in the same way, or different, how so? How is the remedy prepared traditionally? Is it boiled, or steeped in alcohol? Is it drunk or rubbed on the body? Also – is the use of this chemical documented in ancient texts? Usually, this kind of information can be found in current scientific articles. Has the use changed over time? Is the traditional use relevant to the modern applications? Biological Activity In this section, you should discuss any in vitro and in vivo (animal) laboratory studies conducted on your phytochemical. Is a mechanism of action for the drug’s activity known? If not, is there a basic understanding of how it may work? Specifically, how does the drug change cellular function? What cellular processes are affected? Clinical Studies Have any clinical studies been conducted? (Specifically, what studies have included tests on human subjects?) If so, what were the findings and recommendations? What are the symptoms/benefits of the phytochemical? Economics and Relevance Is this chemical sold? Are there any drugs currently on the market that use this phytochemical? Is it sold as herbal supplements or used in pharmaceuticals? Do pharmaceutical companies isolate this phytochemical from plants or synthesize it in the laboratory? Is there a recommended dosage for either the prescription form of single compounds or herbal supplement mixtures? Discussion Summarize your findings. How does this all piece together? Explain why this particular phytochemical has been important to human health and what role do you think it will play in the future of human health. References Cited Use the APA 6th style for reference citations (selected from drop-down box in Endnote). Do not cite websites (other than the USDA database, TROPICOS, Native American Ethnobotany database, and Dr. Duke’s Ethnobotanical Database OR the sources of pictures included in the text) in your paper. Do not cite any of Dr. Corbett’s lectures. Your paper is to be a thorough review of the scientific literature concerning your plant and should include peer-reviewed journal articles and scientific texts/books. scientific book/ journals and peer-reviewed journal articles only for sources!!Be sure to answer all questions in depth. Tables Give your table a description and title. Tables will be placed at the end of the manuscript. Do not embed them in the main text. Do not cut and paste an image of a table from another source. Create your own table using the information and cite the source(s) appropriately in the table description. Cite where the information in your table was obtained. Figures Give your figure a description and title. Figures will be placed at the end of the manuscript. Do not embed them in the main text. Cite where your figures were obtained if they were obtained from other sources.Grading Criteria Points Quality of grammar and written English 10 Structure of paper (sections and subsections) follows the formatting instructions 10 Appropriate use of tables 5 Appropriate use of figures (pictures and graphs) 5 Proper formatting of references 10 Citations are appropriately included for information presented throughout the text 10 References come from a variety of sources and the author does not rely too heavily on only a few sources. No websites (other than the USDA database, TROPICOS, Moerman’s Native American Ethnobotany database, and Duke’s Ethnobotanical Database OR the sources of pictures included in the text) are used. 10


Thank you so much! I’ll be back with more work next semester!

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Topic: Psychological processes in PTSD sufferers: A meta-analysis.
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