How to write a division classification essay

Many students find writing division classification essays intimidating especially when writing for the first time. Division and classification of things are part of everyday life.

For example, you can classify news into different categories like business news, international news, or sports. The purpose of writing division and classification essays is for your instructor will evaluate your ability to analyze a complex topic.

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How to write a division classification essay
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This involves categorizing information into classes that you can explain to your audience. To successfully write this type of essay, you need to understand the definition of a division classification essay.

What is a division classification essay?

This type of essay requires you to break down a complex topic into smaller subtopics that are understandable. After the division of your topic, you should determine various categories that have different information can fit in.

You need to ensure you have placed data in the correct category using a specified strategy. When you are categorizing data items, consider significant elements of your topic. You can start with the most significant information to the least significant or vice versa.

The preparation process of writing a division and classification essay

When you are given division classification essays as your assignment, your initial step is to read and understand the requirements. The next step is to prepare and plan how to write a classification and division essay.

Proper planning will enable you to produce a high-quality and coherent essay that can lead to getting a higher grade. You will need to follow these steps

1.     Brainstorm topic ideas

In most cases, an instructor will allocate students topics for division and classification essays. Sometimes you may find that you are required to come up with a topic before you can write your essay.

You need to research and find potential ideas that you can brainstorm and shortlist the best ideas. Choose an exciting topic that can be used as a classification and division topic.

Such topics can be groups of people or things that can be divided and classified. Make sure the topic you select has items that can be categorized and compared.

The categories that can be formed from your topic should not be too many. Depending on the length of your essay, you can have 3 to 4 types. This number will allow you to deeply analyze your items.

2.     Create your categories

After selecting a topic for your classification/division essays, you can decide how to categorize information. Identify the categories you need and how you will divide them.

Analyze your topic and check the number of classification options you have. A topic that has multiple options may require you to approach it from a specific angle.

For example, you may need to group data using age, height, or appearance. Identify such options and the best way to discuss them.

3.     Order your categories

Organize your categories before you can discuss them. Provide a particular order that will discuss similarities and offer a comparison.

Make a list of items with similar features. This will help in transitioning from one sentence to another when analyzing classes and discussing the elements.

It also provides a good flow to your work. You can organize how to compare the different categories you have listed. Order your work from the most important category to the least important or vice versa.

How to create your division classification essays thesis statement

Your thesis statement is the last part of your introduction paragraph. It provides the theme of your entire division classification essays.

Create your thesis early before you can start writing your essay. It will guide you in your writing process.

Make sure your thesis shows your classification and explains the different categories you have formed. Write the purpose for your classification and say if there is a superior group among your classes. Develop a thesis at the beginning of your writing process, but you may need to alter it as necessary as you progress.

How to write a division classification essay

After understanding a division classification essay definition, you need to organize your work into three categories or more. The categories you create should have clear characteristics for classifying information. Here is a detailed look at how to write classification/division essays

Classification process

When writing your classification paper, use examples of division classification essays to illustrate your point. Identify unique traits of items in your division classification essays and discuss them deeply.

Provide credible evidence and relevant examples to prove your points. You can use anecdotes or narratives to elaborate your discussion and help readers understand your classification. When classifying your essay, you need to pay attention to the elements

Division classification essays elements

A classification essay has three elements that you should consider. Here is a detailed description of each element

1.     A set

This is a group of data or information that has similar characteristics. When you have two sets, they can be different from each other.

Items inside each set share some common traits. An example of a set is “students.” Students share similar characteristics that qualify them to be classified in the same group.

“Teachers” is another set, and the items inside have similar characteristics. This means “students” and “teachers” are two different sets but items inside each set have similar characteristics. Other everyday examples that can be categorized are sports or pets.

2.     Standard of selection

When selecting elements for different classes, you need to use specific standardized criteria. This standard determines which items belong to a particular class depending on specific traits.

Subjects like biology and geography use a particular standard of selection to classify information. For example, biology can classify living things depending on life processes.

Geography classifies rocks depending on how they are formed. The formation of rocks is the standard of selection.

When writing your division and classification essays develop an effective selection method. Your selection method should be relevant, valuable, and important. This will make the classification process easy and fast.

3.     Classes

Write a description of your classes and identify the characteristics of members of each class. Provide a detailed description of your classes.

Explain what makes a class different and how each class stands out from other classes. Provide division and classification essay examples of classes and analyze their value. When discussing your classes, you can compare and contrast each class with others.

Classification division essay outline

Organize your division classification essays to have a lead that will help you identify a set. The lead you select should help you in classification and provide importance, relevance, and value. Here is an outline that you need to follow

1.     Introduction

Introduce and define your classes in a way that will interest your readers. Provide background information that puts your topic in context. Your introduction section should end with a thesis statement that states the classes you will discuss in your body paragraph.

2.     The body section

This section will discuss the classes you have created and the scheme you have used to classify them. You will look at relationships between the classes and the scheme.

The relationship depends on reasons for creating the classes. It also depends on what you want to benefit from classified information. When writing your division classification essays, you need to analyze one classification at a time in this section.

3.     Conclusion section

Your conclusion should emphasize the benefits and relevance of the classification process. Restate your thesis and highlight your major points.

What to consider when writing division classification essays

Provide division classification essay examples when writing your paper. Relevant examples will enable you to properly illustrate a class when analyzing it. Introduce a class and define it to your audience before you can use examples.

Write about the unique characteristics of each class. Ensure that each item in your topic belongs to a class and every class has many items.

Describe the items in each class. Provide examples of items that fit in a class and help your readers understand the connection between the items and the class.


When writing a division essay, you should break down your topic so that your audience can understand your message. This breakdown produces sub-topics you need to analyze and explain how each part relates to another.

Describe how each part contributes to the whole system. This is an effective way of explaining a complex system to your audience.

Elements of division classification essays

Understanding the process of writing classification/division essays requires you to know the elements involved. For example, when explaining the functions of a car, you can break it down into various components.

You can divide a car into components like an engine, exhaust, or transmission and discuss them separately. After explaining each component, discuss how they relate to each other and how they work together as part of a whole system. The elements of division that you need to understand when analyzing any complex system are

  • The system
  • Subsystems
  • Principle of analysis

Difference between classification and division

A classification essay and a division essay have a slight difference. When classifying items, members of one class have to be utterly different from members of another class.

One item should not fit in two different classes. A division essay can have one item that can fit in more than one classification. This means an item can be in two or more classes.

When analyzing a division essay, you need to look at individual items and how they relate to an entire system. A division essay focuses on the functionality of an item.

When writing such an essay, you need to prepare and plan how to write a division classification essay. You can consider the following approaches

1.     Deciding what you should classify

What to classify depends on the topic you have chosen. Research and choose an interesting topic for your division classification essays.

Make sure your topic is interesting to you. An interesting topic will be easier to research and analyze. You will enjoy writing about it, and readers will enjoy reading it.

You should be able to categorize your topic into three groups. This will help you organize your essay writing into a three-body paragraph which is an ideal way to order your work.

2.     Create an outline for the division classification essay

A division and classification essay uses the standard format of a five-paragraph essay. Your outline should include the following

  • A division classification essay topic
  • Subtopics
  • Subtopics definition
  • Division classification essay examples

Format of writing a division and classification essay

The writing process of a division and classification essay starts after you have adequately prepared and planned for it. Understand the categories in your essay so that you get to know the theme of your paper.

The categories you form from your topic should be arranged logically and flow smoothly from one class to the next. Include relevant division and classification essay examples for better illustration of your point. The following will help you understand how to format your work

1.     Craft an engaging title

After researching and deciding on your topic, you need to craft an engaging title. Make your title informative and eye-catching. It should lure your readers into reading your introduction and the entire paper.

2.     Introduction paragraph

The first paragraph of your division/ classification essays should capture your readers’ attention. The first sentence of this paragraph should be a relevant hook. Contextualize your topic with the following two or three sentences and conclude your introduction with a thesis statement.

3.     Developing a thesis statement

Develop a strong thesis statement at the end of your introduction paragraph. These last two sentences that form your thesis should provide a simple essay description.

This forms the theme of your writing. It also tells readers what your paper is all about. Make it clear and concise.

4.     Body paragraph of your division and classification essays

The body paragraph of your paper is where you exhaustively discuss your thesis statement. Expound on your thesis and defend it using credible evidence and examples.

Each paragraph should discuss a division or a class, and it should begin with a topic sentence. A topic sentence introduces a specific class or division, and the sentences that follow provide an analysis.

The body paragraph is where you delve into details and provide relevant examples and evidence to support your claim. After discussing your class or division comprehensively, you end each paragraph with a concluding sentence.

This sentence ends a discussion on a particular class or division and introduces the next class or division. At the same time, it makes sure your discussion is linked to your thesis statement.

Following this type of format ensures your work is logically organized and your paragraphs flow coherently. You can consider using comparative analysis when discussing your classes and divisions. This enables a smooth transition from one paragraph to the next.

5.     Incorporate transitions in classification/division essays

When writing your division/classification essays, you can order your classes according to their importance. You can have three distinct classes and number them from the most significant to the least significant or vice versa.

Each class should be discussed in its own paragraph and can be numbered one, two, and three. Phrases like “the first class,” “the second class,” or “the third class” can be used to transition smoothly.

It provides a good flow from discussing one class to discussing the next class in a different paragraph. For example, when writing a division classification essay on sports, you can divide the sports activities into distinct classes and in order of priority. The activities can be numbered as “one,” “two,” and “three,” where one is the most important and vice versa.

6.     Conclusion paragraph

The final paragraph of your division and classification essays should provide a summary of your main points. This includes the classes and divisions you have discussed in the body paragraph and the statistics related to them.

Restate and paraphrase your thesis statement in this section and explain how it relates to your audience.  Explain the significance of your analysis of divisions and classes and provide a justification for your investigation.

Write a concluding sentence that connects back to the topic and brings the discussion to a close. A good conclusion should impact the minds of your readers and give them something to think about after reading your essay. Readers can also conduct further research on your topic.

7.     Proofread your division classification essay

division classification essays

After writing your division classification essays, you need to read and edit thoroughly. Read through your work and check all spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.

Make necessary corrections before submitting your work. Check the evidence you have provided and confirm if they are relevant. Look at your examples and ensure they explain your classifications and divisions effectively.

Ask a friend or a classmate to help you read and make corrections. Incorporate suggestions that you receive from your classmates and friends into your work.

Check and ensure you have followed all the instructions your instructor has provided. When you are confident that your division and classification essay is well polished, you can submit your work to your instructor.

Topics for division and classification essays

When you are given division classification essays as an assignment, the first thing you need to do is to identify a topic. In most cases, your instructor will provide a topic or prompts that can help you identify a good topic.

Sometimes you might be required to come up with your own topic for your essay. It may be challenging to identify good division/classification essays topic.

You will need to conduct in-depth research before selecting a topic that can work for you. The following are some topic ideas that you can consider for your essay

The latest and commonly used gadgets among students

Different types of musical instruments

Strategies that students use to study for their exams

Famous public speakers

How to group different types of fruits

Types of TV comedy shows

Tips on how to write division classification essays

division classification

Write unique division classification essays that will help you get higher grades in your assignment. Writing a unique essay requires you to provide high-quality content that adds value to your readers. The following tips will enable you to craft an excellent division classification essay

Start your assignment writing as soon as you receive it. Do not wait to start writing your essay at the last minute. A last-minute rush will make you compromise on the quality of work you produce.

Allocate enough time to prepare before you begin. Conduct thorough research about your topic. Look for online research resources from credible authors and write down evidence and examples that you will use in your paper.

Make a list of characteristics of the items you want to classify. After arranging your items in their rightful classes, discuss their characteristics exhaustively.

Ensure each category is thoroughly discussed. For example, when writing a division classification essay on music, you need to list down all music instruments you want to discuss. Write the characteristics of each musical instrument and form groups of instruments with similar characteristics.

Create a criterion for grouping items within classes and divisions. This criterion should be a standard for grouping all items.

Whether you are writing about a serious political topic or a division classification essay on friends, you should use examples. Provide relevant examples from reliable sources to illustrate your classes and divisions. Make sure you provide the same number of examples in each category that you discuss.

Compare and contrast each category. This will help you identify differences and similarities in your analysis.

Key takeaway

Division classification essays are a common assignment that most students encounter in colleges. Learning how to write this type of essay enables you to get higher grades and sharpens your ability to correctly categorize information.

Early preparation and thorough research are crucial in writing a successful paper. Ensure you choose an interesting topic and use a classification division essay outline to organize your work.

Create a solid thesis and exhaustively evaluate your classes using credible evidence and relevant examples. This will help readers understand your message. To learn more about how to write a division and classification essay, contact us

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