101 Food Research Topics, Ideas and Examples

You are working on a food project and you’ve found it difficult to find the right topic for your research study. Despite there being a lot of topics about food, none of them has piqued your interest. If you are looking for the best food research topics, read further to discover topics that will assure you of a great research paper.

There are a vast number of food-related fields that you can choose from and we have narrowed them to their areas of specialization. You are also provided examples of food research topics that will help you come up with your perfect topic.

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101 Food Research Topics, Ideas and Examples
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Food research paper topics

The aim of a topic on a research paper is to grab the readers’ attention and give a summary of your paper. Creativity and diligence are required to come up with a perfect topic. The research topic is essential and also a part of the total grading of your paper for college students.

Areas covered in food research topics include food microbiology, fast food business, food science, food technology, food and nutrition, experimental foods and food biotechnology. Your research topic should, furthermore, be unique and simple. The following are research topics on food that you can use to get inspiration for your own topics:

  1. Identify the different types of food allergies.
  2. How to prevent malnutrition as a nutritional deficiency disease in children.
  3. The role of amino acids in body growth and muscle development.
  4. Important nutrients needed for body growth and strong immunity system in human beings.
  5. Benefits of breast milk to new born babies.
  6. Explain the psychological reasons behind eating.
  7. Discuss the nutritional benefits of red meat and white meat.
  8. The safety measures taken on processed food products.
  9. Trends on eating disorders and habits.

Food research topics for college students

If you are a college student pursuing psychology, food nutrition, microbiology, food science and technology, you should study more on the research topics that you are undertaking. The topic of you paper is crucial to your grades since it sums up to ten per cent of your total marks. Your lecturer or professor tests the authenticity and efforts of your work.

It is up to you to extensively research and makes use of the resources available to get ideas and information relevant to your food research paper topics. Below you are provided with a few of the best food-related research topics you can use:

  1. The role of a balanced diet in an infant’s physiological and psychological health. It is scientifically proven that what an infant consumes as a child, including his or her eating habits, has an impact in their physical and mental health for life.
  2. Can cancer be prevented by dietetic choices? Research has been conducted concerning the role of food, diet and physical activities that prevent cancer. Healthy food and physical workouts are prime remedies for preventing cancer.
  3. The importance of fats in a child’s diet as compared to an adult.
  4. The difference between organic and inorganic food and their importance in the human body.
  5. The growing trend of fast food and its physical and mental effects on a human being.
  6. The socio-economic benefits of the fast-food industry in the 21st
  7. The role of food science and technology to ensure the provision of quality food for society at affordable prices.

Fast food research topics

Fast food is a great research topic since it is the most popular food available in the 21st century at low prices. Below are food research topics that are related to fast food:

  1. Discuss the multiplied number of fast-food restaurants and their effect on the society of the 21st
  2. How do social, economic, environmental and climatic factors affect an individual’s food choices?
  3. Remedies for harmful effects of fast food on the human body.
  4. The food nutrients necessary for human body growth and development.
  5. Support why there should be precaution labels on fast food products.
  6. Discuss the measures that the government and fast food companies should take in prohibiting children on fast food consumption.
  7. The long-term effects of fast food on the human body.
  8. Factors that influence the consumption of fast food despite cautionary advertisements on its bad effects on the human body.
  9. The future of the fast food business in modern society.
  10. Discuss the reason behind the increased number of obesities among children in the 21st
  11. Discuss the chronic or nutritional deficiency diseases associated with fast foods.
  12. Is green tea a solution to weight loss?

Food science research topics

Food science involves the use of science in food production. Many researchers have come up with research topics about food science that may be helpful for your research. Below are examples of food science research topics that may help you in your research:

  1. What is the role of food science in human nutrition?
  2. Explain why soymilk and cow milk are blended in yoghurts and their effect on the yoghurt quality.
  3. Different types of cooking oil and their nutritional value in food.
  4. The process of production of soy milk using soybeans.
  5. What is the process of producing oil from papaya seeds and palm?
  6. How is coconut oil produced and what is its nutritional value?
  7. How are bananas used in the production of soy yoghurt?
  8. The effects of toxins in an aqueous environment.
  9. Evaluation of the nutritional value of fruit drinks sold in markets.
  10. The effects of food packing materials on humans and the environment.
  11. What are the effects of food preservation chemicals on human health?

Food chemistry research topics

Food chemistry involves the study of the quantity, characterization and manipulation of food components. These components include carbohydrates, amino acids, lipids and vitamins. Food chemistry also determines the nutritional value of food components and their safety to human health. If you are a food chemist, below are some of the research topics on food chemistry:

  1. New methods of preparing food while preserving its nutritional value.
  2. Discuss the best natural oils used to prepare food.
  3. Explain the difference between the lifespan of natural foods and processed foods.
  4. The benefits of consuming different food components to human health.
  5. What are the benefits of consuming vitamins as a daily diet?
  6. The chemical formation and characterization of starch induced food products.
  7. Discuss the methods that can improve fatty acids in meat products.
  8. How egg yolk can be used to emulate meat aroma.
  9. The taste and strength characteristic of two main peptides from the pufferfish.
  10. Enhancement of the Aflatoxin by combining two fungi plants that improved detoxifying enzymes.

Food microbiology research topics

This research involves studying microorganisms that create or contaminate food. These microorganisms are helpful in the production of fermented food such as beer, wine, yoghurt and cheese. In this section, we shall give examples on research topics on food microbiology:

  1. How light contributes to the production of yeast.
  2. The psychology behind coffee addition.
  3. Effects of oil spillage in marine environments.
  4. The physical and mental effects of marijuana on the human body.
  5. The relationship between diffusion and food colouring.
  6. Discuss on the vitamins that improve eyesight.
  7. Analysis of bacteria growth in different environments.
  8. The science behind the formation of root nodules in leguminous plants.
  9. How fertilizers and manures grow in different soil environments.
  10. The life of a sprouting seed. 0758822161

Food technology research topics

Food technology is a field under food science that involves the study of physical and chemical composition of food and its processing procedures. It has its areas of specialization such as processing, preservation and packaging of food in regards to human safety. If you are embarking on this topic, below is a list of recent research topics in food technology:

  1. How to process soluble solid and cyanide in cassava.
  2. Samples of the chemical and physical composition of palm oil.
  3. The effect of fermentation on a cassava flour.
  4. Production of quality biscuits with wheat and sweet potatoes.
  5. What happens to the chemically composed wastewater from breweries?
  6. Are the new methods adopted in yoghurt production beneficial or harmful?
  7. The process of refining vegetable oil and its nutritional value.
  8. How cereals are processed and preserved.

Food and nutrition research topics

Research topics about food and nutrition are topics that involve the right diet and meals necessary for human growth and development. The list involves examples of research topics related to food and nutrition:

  1. Techniques that can be used to eat healthy and maintain fitness during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. How can we promote affordable healthy eating to low-income families?
  3. Ways of implementing fruits and vegetables to older adults.
  4. Recommendations on the prevention and cure of diabetes.
  5. Solutions on how to provide quality nutritional meals to public schools.
  6. How nutritional food affects a child’s growth and development for life.
  7. Do physical activities and nutrition build a body?
  8. The correlation between BMI, weight loss and health measurements in regards to dietary.

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Experimental food research topics

If you are embarking on experimental food research topics, it involves the day to day activities of preparing meals such as cooking, baking, frying and roasting. Every day we see and hear new recipes and food ideas that have been discovered around the world. The examples below will give you ideas to brainstorm for food-related research topics:

  1. The moral and ethical opinions regarding meat consumption.
  2. Should the different types of food groups be blended?
  3. How to campaign for self-cultivation of food.
  4. Types of chronic diseases of lifestyles and their prevention measures.
  5. Foods that improve the immunity system of the human body.
  6. The role of honey in human growth, repair and development.
  7. Effects of consumption of excess sugar on the human body.
  8. Is fasting on raw juice fasting beneficial or detoxifying?
  9. Is the myth of drinking eight glasses of water true or false?
  10. Reasons behind eating disorders in people of the 21st

Food studies research topics

Food studies is a wide course that has a correlation between arts, humanities and general sciences. They include terms such as nutrition, beverages, food history and art, health, moral and ethical aspects. Below are examples of research topics about food and research topics about food and beverage:

  1. Food, culture and society in the 21st
  2. Child nutrition and how to maintain their healthy growth.
  3. The history of food art in European countries.
  4. Detection of plant pests and methods used to eliminate them.
  5. How to improve the food and beverage business in hotels and restaurants.
  6. Guidelines to agricultural economics.

Food biotechnology research topics

Food biotechnology is the study of developing inventions on modern genetics, enzymes and metabolism. Its aim is to produce food products and its ingredients through modification of plant or animal cells. The following is a list of research topics in food biotechnology:

  1. What is the future for enzyme technology in the food industry?
  2. Describe the application of food biotechnology in the food industry.
  3. The physical and chemical structure of wine yeasts.
  4. The invention of filamentous fungi in the manufacturing of food ingredients.
  5. The genetic structure of microorganisms in yeasts.
  6. Discuss the improved inventions in genetic engineering in plants.
  7. Explain the chemical composition of organic and non-organic tea brews.

Food safety research paper topics

Food safety is a scientific discipline that is connected to food-related research topics such as food chemistry, microbiology and biotechnology. It involves the measures that are taken when handling, preparing and packaging food so that they can be safe for human consumption. The list below contains research topics about food safety:

  1. Bacterial pathogen.
  2. Explain the importance of food safety for humans.
  3. Sanitation and quality standards should be considered when handling food products.
  4. The implementation of artificial intelligence in food production.
  5. How can food industries prevent chemical contamination in packed food?
  6. Discuss the methods used to conserve processed food in food industries.
  7. What are the harmful effects of natural toxins in canned food?


If you are looking for food topics to research, there are many fields associated with food that you can choose from. From research topics in food microbiology, food biotechnology and food technology, there is not a discipline that you cannot miss research on. The examples listed are to give you ideas that will help you get the best food research topics that you want.

Vocabularies such as food, nutrition and dietary are common in the food research topics. With the research topic and extensive research and study, you are guaranteed to have a top-notch paper. All that is left to say is to wish you all the best on your research paper.

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