History essay topics for college students

Many students find history essay topics uninteresting or difficult. This is because they have to read long books and diverse subjects to get the topics. The most challenging part is to get unique and interesting topics to write about.

History is an important subject. It helps in studying events of the past to build a better future. It tells how the world came to recent development. It also tells how tragedies, wars and other misfortunes led to changes in the world. Writing about interesting history essay prompts can answer a lot of questions.

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History essay topics for college students
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History helps in understanding and appreciating cultures and traditions of other nations. Students get to understand why some laws and social movements were established. It also helps them to develop good critical analysis skills.

What is a history essay?

An essay in history is writing that analyzes the primary and secondary bases related to the period of history being reviewed. The main task is to develop a thesis statement and conduct research. It is similar to other essays but you have to choose a topic related to history.

To write a good history essay, you have to select an interesting and attention-grabbing topic. A history topic is refereed as a good topic if;

  • It has a clear statement
  • It is relevant
  • it has sources supporting it
  • It is specific

How to choose relevant history essay topics for research

To come up with compelling history essay questions, you should concentrate on them early in the process of research writing. This will help you gather the required information and facts. To choose the best topic for your essay, follow these steps;

  1. Analyze research topics that already exist

Look at different topics that exist and see what interests you. Choose the one that looks unique and interests you. Try to expand it to see if you can write about it.

In your research, you may find history essay topics for high school students, college students, masters and PhD students.

  1. Choose a topic

Ensure you choose a topic you are interested in. It might be challenging to research a history topic that is not interesting to you. Ask yourself the right history essay questions before settling on a topic. You are free to choose any global history essay topics.

  1. Conduct research on the topic

After settling on a good topic idea, continue researching to gather information. Look for supporting facts and ideas.

  1. Analyze several thesis statements

A thesis statement is what determines what your history essay will talk about. Come up with several world history essay questions. This will make it easier to develop body paragraphs and the conclusion.

  1. Look for reliable sources

Ensure you get your information from reliable sources. You can get information from blogs, educational and government websites. Read a history essay example online to get facts and ideas.

  1. Write an outline first

It is good to structure information in the correct way. This will help you have organized work. It will also help you not to forget important information needed in the essay. Most history essays follow the following structure; introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.

All history essay topics should meet the requirements of the assignment. When you have doubts about the topic chosen, ask your professor for help. You can also look for essay writing services online for help.

What to consider while selecting history essay topics

  1. Why the topic matters to you and the reader
  2. How the topic is related to the period being discussed and its significance today
  3. What your paper contains
  4. Why the idea matters at the period you write your paper




History research topics

If you have any challenges selecting good history essay topics, do not worry. This article has compiled more than 150 topics for college students. There are various categories you can get your history essay topics.

The general topics include;

  1. How the people interact with the surrounding environment. I.e. agriculture, climate changes, disease-fighting etc.
  2. How the interaction of cultures developed; spread of religions like humanism
  3. Building f states, rise, and fall of empires, armed conflicts, etc.
  4. Communism, globalization, capitalism, and other economic systems
  5. Social structures based on class, race, or gender
  6. Specialization of labor and growth of social hierarchies

Check and find the one that works best for you. History essay questions can also help in coming up with a good topic.

Essay topics on ancient history

  1. Myths and facts of voting in ancient Greece
  2. Ancient demonstrations and protests
  3. Differences and similarities among ancient Rome, ancient Egypt, and ancient Greece
  4. Who was the most potent military in ancient history?
  5. The philosophy of the ancient Greek
  6. What were the grounds of life of the civilians in ancient Rome?
  7. What were some of the gladiatorial games {moral or entertainment} in ancient Rome?
  8. What was the role of police in ancient Rome?
  9. Why is Alexander the Great considered the most understanding leader in history?

History essay topics on middle age history

  1. How cities developed in medieval Europe
  2. Marriages between people with a different faith in the Middle Ages
  3. Medieval studies of Nicholas of Cuca
  4. How and when was medieval Europe discovered?
  5. Who were the intellectuals of the Middle Ages?
  6. Which role did Quran play in medieval Europe?
  7. What were some of the common crimes during the time of middle age?
  8. Why is middle age referred to as the time of discovery?

 World history term paper topics

  1. How the eastern empire fell
  2. Feudalism decline
  3. How the maritime was discovered
  4. How did the great monarchies rise?
  5. Who are the most potential monarchs in the world?
  6. Explain how the Dutch republic rose
  7. How has the progress of civilization been?
  8. The war that lasted for thirty years
  9. The sixteenth-century great people
  10. England under Stuarts

Essay topics on European’s history

  1. Queens and kings in Britain
  2. The economic history of Europe
  3. What challenges did Islam’s face in the United States?
  4. Muslims in Europe
  5. How the Muslims participated in the politics of Europe
  6. War for seven years
  7. The witch hunt and the catholic church
  8. How the eastern powers came to rise
  9. How were the politics of Europe in the eighteenth century?
  10. How modern Europe developed

Essay topics on the United States history

  1. Where did the civil war originate in the United States of America?
  2. American exceptionalism
  3. How were people in the US during the 17th century?
  4. The history of United States elections
  5. How did America come into the depression out of the new deal? explain
  6. What is the history of the United States Navy?
  7. Explain the progress of the hot war to cold war
  8. World War 1 terror trophies in America
  9. Unusual united states democracy
  10. What role did Schooner Nancy play in the 1812 war?

History essay topics on the revolution of America

  1. What role did women play in the revolution of America?
  2. What was the global impact of the revolution of America?
  3. The acts of Townshend
  4. The letters of the American revolution
  5. The era of federalists in the United States
  6. How were the Americans’ daily lives during the era of revolution?
  7. Who were the female writers during the American Revolution era?
  8. What legacies did the American revolution leave?
  9. What were the main issues in colonial newspapers?
  10. Were there any social conflicts during the time of revolution in America?

United states civil war essay topics

  1. Role of African- American forces in the civil war
  2. Gettysburg’s battle
  3. Europe and United States civil war
  4. Campaign of the Appomattox
  5. The battles of the civil war in the US
  6. Battle of Antietam
  7. How soldiers united during the civil war in the United States
  8. Fredericksburg’s battle in us
  9. The courthouse battle in Spotsylvania
  10. Civil war era in America and women

History topics on World War I

  1. The cost of World War I on human beings
  2. How Versailles were treated in World War I
  3. How Americans entered World War I
  4. The revolution of Russia in World War I
  5. What were the chemical weapons used in World War 1?
  6. How were alliances entangled in World War 1?
  7. Eastern and western front in World War 1
  8. How was the assassination in Sarajevo?
  9. Comparison between the battle in the air and at sea; comparison of WWI
  10. The campaign of Gallipoli

History essay topics on World War II

  1. Americans and Africans on World War II
  2. World War II Japan’s allied occupation
  3. How were children during Holocaust?
  4. Why the Germans resisted participating in World War II
  5. Holocaust and the church
  6. The internment between Japanese and Americans during World War II
  7. Who were the victims of holocaust during the World War II?
  8. How was diplomacy during World War 11
  9. World War II in Africa
  10. How were the Americans neutral in World War II?

Cold war history essay topics

  1. What are the cold war’s significant events?
  2. What was the impact of the cold war in Egypt?
  3. Resolution of the cold war
  4. How is the order of the cold war internationally?
  5. How did the cold war affect popular cultures?
  6. Which countries were affected by the cold war?
  7. Events that led to the cold war
  8. Unites states boundless history
  9. How can the cold war be resolved?
  10. What role did the United Nations play in the cold war?


History essay topics on 20th and 21st century

  1. Children’s civil rights
  2. History of the 20th and 21st centuries in America
  3. How did the American women participate in the Vietnam war?
  4. How was the war of Vietnam in Nixon America?
  5. The civil rights of Harry Truman in the history of America
  6. What political risks and moral courage are learned from the history of America?
  7. Franklin Roosevelt`s companion
  8. Explain the circumstances that led to appointment of the catholic church pope
  9. Holocaust events and the Roosevelt administration
  10. The mixed legacies of Ronald Reagan

African history essay topics

  1. Abolitionist movement
  2. The history of black legends and cultural traits
  3. The origin of black history
  4. Colonization in Africa
  5. What caused imperialism in Africa?
  6. AIDs in Africa
  7. How did Apartheid affect south Africa?
  8. The war in the West African region
  9. How Christianity began in Africa
  10. Female rappers from Africa

Essay topics on the modern history

  1. Europeans versus native Americans
  2. Expansion of the westward
  3. What are the social movements in America today?
  4. Who are the industrialists and the inventors in the modern world?
  5. How has industrialization costed the nation of America?
  6. How has great America adjusted?
  7. Effects of industrialization on social media in America
  8. What are the policies towards immigrants in the United States?
  9. How to govern the new American nation

Essay topics on arts

Without art, how would human life be? Art reflects political, social, and economic processes. All civilizations came with legacy, music, acting among others. Due to this, art is an important part of history studies.

Musicians, writers and painters need to express their pieces of creativity. They contributed a lot to creating history. Here are historical essay topics related to arts;

  1. United states politics and art history
  2. Art history and semiotics
  3. Alois Rigel’s theory in history
  4. How was history introduced in arts?
  5. Differences between art history and art studio
  6. Introduction to historical art
  7. Knowledge and research related to arts and design
  8. How have the ideas of jay Cambridge influenced the history of art?
  9. How did author and contemporary artist Frank Stella live?
  10. How were freedom and art presented during the time of the civil war in the United States?

Theology and religion history topics

  1. Religion, history and ideology
  2. The official region in America
  3. The dominant ideology of the United States of America
  4. History of the religious interaction and the American politics
  5. The global perspective on the US ideology and religion
  6. How does religious identity affect the choices of voters?
  7. Religions and their effects in America
  8. How can religion and politics be separated in America?
  9. Identity politics history in America
  10. The idea of politics in the American society

History essay topics on immigration

  1. Describe the history of immigration in the United States of America
  2. How was immigration in America before 1965?
  3. Historical overview of the immigration policy
  4. How is the trend of immigration throughout the years?
  5. The immigration debate in America
  6. Immigration reforms in the history of the United States
  7. The timeline of immigration in the United States
  8. Has the number of immigrations increased or decreased over the years?
  9. The facts, history and trends of immigration in the USA
  10. What are the historical trends of immigration to America historically?

Controversial history essay topics

  1. What caused significant immigration waves from Syria?
  2. Why did nationalism fail to become the identity source in the Arab league?
  3. Why is the fall of Constantinople considered among the worst things that happened in humankind’s history?
  4. How were women treated during World War II in the Soviet zone?
  5. Did the native Americans resist assimilation? How?
  6. How was Germany after Hitler and Nail’s fall?
  7. How was the six days war? Preemptive strike or aggression?
  8. What is the truth about the Spanish inquisition moral justification?
  9. How were Britain’s members of the press freedom during the 19th century?
  10. Foundation of political science

Other global history essay topics

  1. Pragmatics of history
  2. What is the major issue in the 20th century?
  3. United States depression
  4. What are the significant technological innovations and inventions in the 20th century?
  5. The best speeches from presidents in the 20th century
  6. How did the Balkan wars affect Europe?
  7. Holocaust, the worst European’s crime in history
  8. History of the Soviet countries of Asia
  9. Causes and evidence of slavery abolishment in the US
  10. Who led the revolutionary movements in the United States?
  11. Background and causes of genocide in Rwanda
  12. The conflict history between the Israelites and Palestine
  13. Evolution and changes of Japan in the current days
  14. Facts and figures of the Iran Contra scandal
  15. Why did Cleopatra fall in Egypt?
  16. How did the government respond to New Orleans of Hurricane Katerina?
  17. How Adolf Hitler rose to power
  18. Why, when and how did the Roman Empire fall?
  19. Explain how the assassination of Abraham Lincoln lead to the United Nation reconstructing after the II world war
  20. How did British rule affect India?

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How to write a history essay

Now that we have looked at history essay topics, let us look at the steps to follow while writing a history essay. While writing a history essay, follow the following steps;

  1. Study the question
  2. Begin by planning
  3. Start researching
  4. Develop content
  5. Plan the structure of the essay
  6. Write your introduction
  7. Write the body paragraphs
  8. Write the conclusion
  9. Cite and reference your sources
  10. Edit, proofread and seek feedback

Other history essay writing tips

  1. Write your essay in the third person

When writing your history essay, use third-person language. This helps the essay sound factual and rational.  Do not use phrases like “I was”. This sounds like your individual expression of an opinion. A good essay should show a third party who is informed about a certain historical event.

  1. Write your essay in the past tense

While writing your history essay, always write in the past tense. History is a record of things that happened in the past. Check any misused tenses while editing your essay. The only exception is while writing essays on modern history.

  1. Avoid being general

This is a common problem in all essays. It should be avoided while writing history essays. It happens when the writers form a general conclusion from incomplete information. Check out any general conclusions while editing your essay and delete them.

  1. Write short paragraphs

Use punchy and short sentences. Ensure you construct them correctly. Long sentences tend to be confusing and hard to read. If the reader takes a lot of time reading and trying to understand a sentence, it may become boring. They may end up not reading the entire essay.

  1. Write in active voice

While writing your history essay, use active voice instead of passive voice. Active voice is where the subjects complete the object. I.e., “Hitler led to war in America”. While in passive voice, the object completes the subject. When written in passive voice it would be “war in America was started by Hitler”.  This sounds abnormal while reading. Avoid it while writing your history essay.

To sum up

The success of any academic essay depends on choosing a good topic and writing quality ideas. Sometimes it might be challenging to find good history essay topics. This is because you have to read lengthy books or do detailed research. This article has explored more than 180 history essay topics you can write about.

If you still have challenges or questions concerning writing your history essay, do not struggle. Order now and get all your questions answered.

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