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Description This class is called Intermediate Creative Writing, Introduction to Form: The Short Story. During this term, we have looked at a wide variety of stories and covered a lot of ground. We have read:Jamaica Kincaid: “Girl”; Etgar Keret: “To the Moon and Back”; Katherine Mansfield’s “The Garden Party”; ZZ Packer: “Brownies”; Tobias Woolf, “In the Garden of the North American Martyrs”; Ana Menendez: “In Cuba I Was a German Shepherd”; Haruki Murakami: “Scheherazade”; Yiyun Li: “A Small Flame.”I have also offered optional extension reading for each section.We have looked at: imagery, setting, character development, structure, theme. Now I would like you to create an essay in which you develop your own, personal theory about the most important aspects of a short story.What makes a short story? What is unique and important about this genre? What have you personally found in the reading, your own drafting and the reading of the drafts of your peers that has been interesting or important in making a short story work.You do not need to refer to ALL the stories, but your evidence should include: At least two examples from published writers At least two examples from your own work At least two examples from the work of your peers1000-1500 words. What I am looking for: ideas, insights, engagement, specific references, details, backing. A First (70-100) Will have an original, interesting, convincing idea that pulls together the evidence; it will be well structured, clear and backed with enough convincing evidence to really engage and persuade a reader. It will show depth of learning and thinking.A Second (50-69) Will have a convincing organizing idea, enough evidence and examples to back it up and will be developed enough to make a case. It may skim the surface but it will be clear. It will refer to all three areas of evidence.A Third (40-49) Will have at least an idea and some evidence, although it may not all connect and some backing may be missing. It will be clear enough to follow the ideas and use adequate paragraphing and language.A Fail (0-39) Will be confused, sketchy, disconnected or lacking in evidence or any original ideas. Will not refer to the reading, the writing or peer work in any specific way.


Thank you so much! I’ll be back with more work next semester!

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