Culture Assignment

After attending an Asian American religious site (church, temple, etc.) or Asian American religious community event, you must write a 4-5 pages, double-spaced, Critical Reflection on the experience. You must do the following:

  1. Write about the site/event and your experiences there.
  2. Analyze, as best as you can, the community (demographics, such as gender, age, race, ethnicity), practices, beliefs, architecture, and location.
  3. Discuss the issue(s) that are significant/relevant about this sacred site or event that connects to the class;
  4. You MUST directly engage with at least 3 assigned readings from the class;
  5. Relate your experiences to class materials, such as assigned readings, films, lectures, discussions. In order to do this well, you will need to interact with people at the event or site/place you visited. Ask questions, and do not be shy!
  6. You MUST cite and engage with 3 discussion forums (e.g. quote 3 discussion forums in your report);
  7. You must use proper citations and quotations using MLA, APA, Chicago, or Harvard styles for writing, and engage with class readings and other learning materials;
  8. Do not just describe what you did and what you saw. You must provide analysis in your discussion and link your experience to larger issues, theories, and discussions. Your experience is “data” which you will use to anchor a thoughtful discussion on a topic that is related to Asian American religions that meaningfully connects to the class;
  9. Please attend a scared site or event that is not the faith tradition that you practice. If you are Filipino American and Catholic, do not go to a Filipino American Catholic or Protestant Church. Go to a Hindu or Sikh temple instead. If you are Chinese, go to a non-Chinese place or worship or community event. The goal is for you to step outside your comfort zone and learn from the experience.
  10. Lastly, you must provide proof of attendance, such as a photo of you at the event or site. This photo can be cut/pasted into your report and submitted through TurnItin. For example, a selfie of you in front of the site that clearly shows the name of the site. Please resize the photo so that it downloads quickly, and so that you can ensure it will upload on TurnItIn. Files that are too large will not be able to be submitted. Photos without you clearly in it will not suffice as proof of attendance.
  11. Failure to provide proof of attendance will result in an automatic 0 points, which is a failing grade for this assignment.
  12. Attending a site that is not appropriate will also result in an automatic 0 points, which is a failing grade for this assignment.
  13. Tip: Be aware of only summarizing: this assignment calls for analysis, which means your ability to: apply things you learn in the class to the real world; your ability to synthesize theoretical concepts (unpacking the theory, testing the theory, questioning the theory); your ability to critique arguments, ideas, theories covered in class materials; your ability to offer your own unique insights into an issue; and your ability to put various voices into a dialogue.

For example:

A says “…” which confirms B’s notion of ….. but differs from C’s conclusion about….; My experience suggest name-a-concept is valid because….; Name-a-concept argues that… which A, B, and Z validated in their research. However, another school of thought contends….

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