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Description To ensure that NSU candidates experience working with P-12 students from diverse backgrounds (e.g., ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, gender, exceptionalities, languages, religion, sexual orientation, etc.) programs must systematically track information on placements in clinical and field experiences. NSU candidates, who are already employed in schools, can complete field experiences in their own schools as long as the P-12 students in the classroom represent diverse populations—and the instructor allows this. To document the diversity in your field placement school, you need to collect the demographic information that is available through the National Center for Educational Statistics. To locate this information:1. Go to the National Center for Educational Statistics at 2. Type in the information for your school. In this example, we will look for information on MAST Academy in Miami-Dade County. a. Enter Florida for state. b. Enter MAST Academy for name. c. Click Search. 3. MAST Academy will appear as the first public school in the results. Click on the link to your school’s name. 4. At the top of the page for MAST Academy page, click on the link for More Information. 5. Look at the information for Enrollment Characteristics: a. Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity b. Enrollment by Gender c. Free lunch eligible (at the bottom-left of the page) d. Reduced-price lunch eligible (at the bottom-right of the page) 6. Submit the following information for your school to your Instructor. This example has been completed for MAST Academy in Miami-Dade County (Florida). (REMINDER: Click on More Information at the top of the screen.) Example:Enrollment Demographics Characteristic Number in School / Type Name of school MAST Academy State of school Florida County of school Miami-Dade Grades 7-12 Enrollment Total students 1142 Type of School Locale (e.g., suburb; large) Suburb, large Magnet school yes Title I School no Race/Ethnicity American Indian / Alaskan 1 Asian 32 Pacific Islander 0 Black, non-Hispanic 42 Hispanic 755 White, non-Hispanic 307 Two or more races 5 Gender Male 555 Female 587 Socio-Economic Status Students qualifying for free lunch 206 Students qualifying for reduced lunch 44(Source: CCD Public school data 2015-2016, 2017-2018 school years) The directory information for the school comes from the 2017-2018 school year data. The enrollment count comes from the 2015-2016 school year data. Updated 7/30/18 DF Template for Field Placement Site DemographicsEnrollment Demographics Characteristic Number in School / Type Name of schoolState of schoolCounty of schoolGradesEnrollment Total studentsType of School Locale (e.g., suburb; large)Magnet schoolTitle I SchoolRace/Ethnicity American Indian / AlaskanAsian Pacific IslanderBlack, non-HispanicHispanicWhite, non-HispanicTwo or more racesGender MaleFemaleSocio-Economic Status Students qualifying for free lunchStudents qualifying for reduced lunch


Thank you so much! I’ll be back with more work next semester!

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Topic: Psychological processes in PTSD sufferers: A meta-analysis.
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