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Description Humanities Days Humanities days at Montgomery college was interesting because we gained more information about the events by watching films with discussion and attending presentation. Humanities days is an event that happens every year around October to critical and imaginative thinking about the issues that confront us as citizens and as human beings. The humanities days is important to students and to faculty because they will be motivated about their jobs they have done as an accomplishment. Also, it will empowerment for many of the workers special for woman’s around the global humanities. The two presentations that were at the humanities day that interested the most are ‘’Surviving Birth: Exploration of Racial Disparities in Pregnancy and Film and Discussion. Poto Mitan: Haitian Women Build Bridges for social change “Outcome. The first presentation is about women Pregnancy mortality rate and birth rate specially for black women’s because there are the one most effected in this case. The second presentation is about Haitian women building a bridge for social change because there are several problems in the country of Haitian and women trying to find outcome for the social change. theis statement:Similarities and Differences from class Both were very engaging and interesting Regennia’s presentation in jazz was more about facts in history. … On the other hand, Fenyvesi focused solely on Nicaragua. …how both presenters interacted with the audience. …how both presenters were full of energy. …both presenters gave me knowledge in an interesting and enjoyable way. Both professors worked to expose the lives of the people they documented. Both presenters used humor in their presentations. Both showed how lives in different countries have become modern. Both presenters were trying to use their own work to make connection with audiences. Audiences have learned and experienced different cultures through both presentations Both presenters were using different ways to express their ideas and show the audience their emotion. Both presentations focused around the injustice that women face in society. Both presenters used strong statistical evidence to support their information. The presenters had different ways of presenting their information. (x3) One presenter focused more on a global aspect, while the other focused on African American women. One has more of a global perspective while the other is centered on Nicaragua. Both intended to awaken people about some issues in our modern society. The audience was composed of Montgomery College students, professors, and members of the staff. A difference is the tools used to communicate the issues. Both involve the application of the humanities to the human environment. Both events are showing real world examples Both give interesting issues about a social viewpoint Both concerned people of a certain demographic. Both deal with civil rights. A difference is the creators of the presentation. Both brought awareness. Both talk about how women in the world should have awareness of their rights. Both presentations are supporting women’s rights. A difference is the content of the presentations. One focused on science while the other focused on health.


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Topic: Psychological processes in PTSD sufferers: A meta-analysis.
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