How to Write An Effective College Admission Essay

Most people would always say that in writing essays for college or university applications, you must submit the perfect personal statement. A good personal statement will focus on grammar, thought coherence, organizational flow, and style. The members of the admissions board of the college of university that you are applying to will look into these elements, so it is necessary to proofread your college admission essay for any flaws in grammar and other language elements. You can also have your high school teacher read and comment on your college admission essay.

Another suggestion would be to have your friends read your essay. In turn, you can also offer to read their essays and comment on them.

What to Include in Your College Admission Essay

What exactly do the members of the admissions committee wish to read on the admission essay? Whatever has been revealed in your other requirements, do not repeat them in your college admission essay so that you don’t come up with something redundant. Do not repeat minor details in your statement of purpose or essay. The admissions board members wish to see on the essay what you value the most, what things or experiences in life that have a significant effect on you, and your thoughts and opinions on some of the current issues.

Tips for writing college admission essays that stand out

  1. Try to make the essay short but very useful to the admissions committee members of the college or university you’re applying to. Use simple words so that you don’t sound like you’re trying to impress the reader. Admissions committees do take a look at the level of language you used in your college admission essay, but, more importantly, they look at the substance of your essay.
  2. The essay should grab the reader’s attention. With all the applicants turning in their written work, your essay should manage to catch their interest. Admissions officers, when they read your admission essay, want to have a new perspective of seeing you.
  3. Draw on personal experiences. Asserting something because you experienced it and leaving it at that would not make your essay stand out. Show it via personal specifics; invoke vivid images of the actual event being narrated.

Major Mistakes to Avoid

Writing down what you think the admissions board wants to read: do not spend half of the college admission essay explaining why the century-old traditions of that university enticed you to apply. They must have heard of that millions of times before, and they would hear it another million times within the year. Put in something new.

  • Treating the college admission essay like resumes: here is the little rule of thumb, if it is already somewhere in the other parts of your application papers, don’t put them on the college admission essay.
  • Neglect to proofread: yes, I have to put it here. A lot of grammatical blunders or a multitude of typos is going to give a bad impression on everybody in the admissions board. Whether they’ll think you are just careless or just a bad writer is moot, the effect is the same- your college admission essay would be thrown to the “below average” pile.
  • Using deep-long-high fallutin’ words: if you think you would make it to first base if you force half of the admissions board to bring a dictionary so that they would understand some of your words, I am sorry but wrong. These are extremely busy individuals, and even if they hold a superb vocabulary range, it would be best to use simple words.
  • Using slang: the college admission essay are not the place for this.
  • Giving a very boring introduction: take note of this, there might be admissions officers out there would would reject your college admission essay based on the intro parts. You need not have the flair of Dean Koontz in his scary novels, but at least, there should be something written that would entice the interest of the reviewers.
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