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About Lord of The Flies:

Lord of the flies tells the story of a group of boys marooned on an uninhabited island. Their attempts at self-governance fail due to savagery and selfishness. The boys start off as innocent children eager to survive on their own. With time, however, the social structures they set up break down due to power struggles, fear of the unknown and immaturity. The boys form rival factions, each intent on total domination over the other. The groups are headed by former allies Jack and Ralph. As the eldest boys on the island, they are viewed as the boys’ natural leaders. Their rivalry, however, results in brutal delinquency. After killing Ralph’s friend, Piggy, the boys turn on Jack. The story ends with Ralph running into a rescue party as he attempts escape from Jack’s party. My fan fiction extends this story line by replacing the beach rescue with a later one. It introduces new rivalries into Jack’s band of boys and ends in a reconciliation between Jack and Ralph.


As Ralph ran towards the beach, he realized that his chances of getting away were close to naught.  The little boys seemed tireless in their pursuit. Their war criers could be heard above the roaring fire. Some hurled stones and branches at him. Jack, it seems, had instilled a ruthless bloodlust among them. He decided that he would rather drown than risk death at the hands of his former friends. In the distance, the roaring waves seemed to call out to him. Spurred on by the bunch of savages, Ralph dived headfirst into the sea and paddled away. The twins were the first to join him in the water. After a few minutes they realized that their foe was no more likely to survive the sea that they were to catch him. “He’s dead already.” remarked Jack as he acknowledged the returning warriors. “We should stay here so that he doesn’t come back.” Samneric suggested. The savages watched Ralph’s diminishing figure struggle against the waves. By this time, the boy had swam out into the open ocean. From time to time, he glanced back at the island. His determination was clear to all. Nevertheless, his struggle was vain. The waves were particularly strong. As he swam further out into the water, he stopped paddling altogether and floated motionless. “That’s it!” roared Jack, “That’s what happens is you rebel against me!” if there was any sympathy for Ralph, it certainly wasn’t visible. The savages celebrated the escapee’s apparent death and started for the camp.

Shortly after his pursuers swam back, Ralph put his plan into action. He had decided that his only way of surviving would be to fake his death. And what better way to do that than to feign a drowning? Death by sea would be perfect. The boys would have no way of accessing his “body”. He glanced back, saw the savages on the beach, and immediately initiated the theatrics. For a few minutes, he mimicked a drowning boy. He rose and sank into the water repeatedly, throwing his hands about. After that he slowed down his splashing, resorting to an apathetic drift. To anyone watching, he seemed perfectly dead. In the distance, he could here a few celebratory screams. The boys, he knew, would soon retreat to camp. He reasoned that his best chances of survival would come from hiding in a remote part of the island.

The day seemed like an eternity. Despite being an excellent swimmer, Ralph was extremely tired by the struggle to stay afloat. Only the fear of Jack kept him from returning to the beach earlier. As soon as darkness fell, he swam to a secluded portion of the island and made his way into what was left of the undergrowth. The fire had certainly wreaked havoc on the island. Charred branches littered the ground and the smell of death dominated the night. The island was silent but for some isolated crickets. In the distance, the savage’s chattering could be heard. Ralph was worn out. He had hardly eaten since the previous night. His legs and arms ached from the day-long swim and a gash on his forehead bled profusely. He searched in the dark for some roasted wild fruit. The few he found were stale but he ate them nonetheless. Afterwards, he looked for a hideout. By the cliffs, he found a cave. He knew that the boys wouldn’t venture into it. Its obscure location also made it relatively safe from searching eyes. Soon after settling into his new home, Ralph fell asleep, dreaming of his friend Piggy and his dad in the navy.

“Stupid people die! You hear that?” Jack’s voice was unmistakable. Ralph could tell that the boys were on the beach below him. He had woken up to the sound of an apparent confrontation between Jack and one of the savages. He dragged himself to the mouth of the cave and was astonished at what he saw. Jack and Roger stood face to face, each holding a makeshift weapon. Jack was trying his best to intimidate Roger but it was clearly not working. The savages took opposite sides, some with Jack, and some with Roger. Others seemed confused by the melee and watched from a distance. The fight did not take long to break out. Each boy struggled to wrestle his opponent to the ground. Ralph watched the chaos in shock. Jack landed a few punches on Roger but got a deadly whack in return. As Jack fell to the ground, Roger wasted no time pinning him to the sand. He punched him on the head until he lay motionless, bleeding from the nose and mouth. After seeing their leader defeated, Jack’s band ran off into the bush, with roger and his boys in pursuit. Ralph retreated into the cave, hoping that none of the escapees would think of venturing into the cave.

It did not take long before a figure appeared at the cave’s mouth. The boy was clearly trembling. Ralph could see that the boy was severely injured. He limped into the cave and collapsed, unconscious. Ralph got up to get a closer look. He was surprised to see who that the figure was Jack. Panicked, he dragged him to the back of the cave and pondered his next move. The savages were still scouring the island for Jack’s band of warriors. It was only a matter of time till they discovered that their foremost adversary had also escaped. This was a tricky situation, Ralph thought. And he was right. After what seemed like an eternity, a yelp announced the shocking discover. “Jack’s gone!” shouted Samneric. Roger instructed his boys to scour the island. Ralph hardly expected the situation to deteriorate so quickly. He waited for Jack to wake up. They would have to team up if they were to survive the looming danger.

When Jack finally came to, he couldn’t contain his shock. The looming figure of Ralph convinced him that he was either dead or dreaming. Ralph calmed him down by eliminating any notion of revenge. “Listen, Jack, we have to team up against Roger.” Ralph said, matter-of-factly. “How did you?..” Jack started. “Leave that for later, we must beat Roger or we’re dead!” retorted Ralph. The boys decided to fight their way back to the out of the cave. Before they could come up with a plan, however, a roaring voices wept across the island. It was the unmistakable voice of a man calling out to the castaways. Help had arrived and they had been rescued at last.


Thank you so much! I’ll be back with more work next semester!

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