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The summer break is almost over and you are probably having mixed feelings about the return to campus. While you are can`t wait  to catch up with college friends  and become once again free of your parent`s rule(s), anxious thoughts of midterms ,term papers and finals and having to spend long hours studying makes anticipation of resumption of college life less exciting.

Despite the fact that departing from home is normally easier than last time, moving back can prove to be hard for you and your parents. Following these tips and tricks could make moving back to college a lot less stressful.

Essential tips when moving back to college

Necessities -Making a list of the must haves is an important trick when returning to college. This helps you avoid a situation such as having to beg essentials off of your friends.

But that does not mean you purchase and pack an year`s worth of essentials, unless your college is the middle of a place such as the Sahara desert. Take advantage of the nearby stores around your college to purchase some essentials that you will need after moving back.

Pack early-I included, majority of people find themselves doing things in the last minute regardless of the amount of the time available to us. Please don`t wait until the last wait minute to start packing as you will be surprised by how long it takes. The more time you give yourself the more organized you will be!

Packing light -Make sure your pack only the things you know you will use on a weekly basis. Unless you won`t go back home for thanksgiving and winter break, it`s not necessary to move back with all your clothes.

However, it’s important to consider that some days could have abnormal weather such as extreme cold and pack a couple of sweaters to be safe. Remember, the less you bring, the less you have to take with you on your next big move.

Friends` help -With their varied personalities and jokes, it’s certain your friends will bring in some fun during moving. It also involves a lot of heavy lifting and is therefore it is important to ask your friends to assist you in moving into your room. This is essential especially when carrying things upstairs.

Right boxes-Do not make your back to school day any worse by causing your box to break open and spill half a dozen glasses down the staircase. Make sure you don`t over pack your box with heavy items for example books and glasses.

Use large boxes for light bulky items and smaller boxes for heavy items.

Packing supplies-Make sure you the use proper packing supplies. Throwing everything into garbage bags is risky as they could break.

In case you have plastic containers or bins, use them! They are normally much more effective than boxes at protecting your items.

Labelling boxes- There is normally a real chance of your belongings getting misplaced or mixed up with your peers during the moving day. Make sure to label all your boxes with your name and dorm room number just in case.

If you are to reside in an off campus apartment, color code your boxes. For example you could use pink boxes for your bathroom accessories and blue for the kitchen items.

Saving money-Moving back requires a significant amount of cash thus a few money saving tricks could help .For instance Try using your siblings and friends as your moving crew and in case your parents own a minivan, you could use it.

You can also try to repurpose your old items such as repainting an old wooden chair lying idle at home. This allows one to save lots of money.

Overnight bag-Imagine the pain of having to search around and open tons of boxes in order to brush your teeth. Pack a bag containing all essentials that you will need for the first night back in college. There is a high probability that you will be exhausted on the first night back in campus and it could be difficult to remember which box that has your pajamas or where your toothbrush is.

Business attire-Especially If you are heading back for your last year in college, it`s a good time to introduce some business attire to your wardrobe. Professional adulthood is fast approaching and it`s better to start getting used to wearing less of casuals.

Additionally, there is a chance you are likely to undergo an interview .Appearance, though not necessarily a deciding factor in interviews, help create positive first impressions. Be sure to pack one or two outfits that would be appropriate for a job interview.

Using the above tips made returning to college much easier for me .With that, I can only wish you a successful year in college as you study and make memories.


Thank you so much! I’ll be back with more work next semester!

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