Personal statement for sociology major

As an aspiring sociology major, I am excited by the fact that I will finally have the chance to purse my dream of understanding social behavior. Since my youth, I have always wanted to know about human behavior. I also know that sociological insight can be a vital tool for enhancing living conditions and promoting unity among people. For this reason, I am pursuing a sociology major not only as a passion but also as a means of serving my community.

I have gained significant motivation for my course objectives from my experience as a student in the USA. When I first came to this country, I was fascinated by the cultural diversity that I saw in the country. Unlike my country of origin, Americans society was composed of people from many cultural backgrounds. I was soon to see the huge influence that culture had on human behavior. I am sure that as a sociologist, I will have an informed perspective on the influence of culture on human behavior. As a result, I look forward using my course outcomes to foster peaceful coexistence of cultures.  By pursuing this goal, I will make the world a better place for both me and my community.

In my experience as a resident in this multicultural society, I believe that the USA’s cultural diversity is an advantage to the country. Every community has a unique contribution to the community welfare. By studying sociology, I will learn how different cultures can complement rather than conflict with one another. Consequently, I will have the ability to carry out cultural education among the country’s constituent communities. My initiatives will focus on helping people to appreciate one another and live in harmony. This, I believe will be an ideal way of using my education to benefit the society.

As an aspiring sociologist, I am also aware that I stand the chance to make a telling contribution to heath care. Indeed, this is one of my primary motivations. I aspire to help resolve the health problems that are afflicting modern society. A causal observation will reveal that society is facing many health issues that are related to sociology. This is another reason why I think sociology is a vital part of social health. I aspire to help the many young people who are crumbling under economic pressure by enhancing healthy coping habits. I know this will require me to partake in extensive public education but I am determined to make a positive change. As such, I welcome these challenges wholeheartedly.

The multi-faceted nature of sociology makes it a powerful method of understanding society. With the right mindset, one can use course outcomes to make a telling contribution to our community. This potential is a major motivation for my application. I have the skills and passion that will make me an asset to your institution. My enthusiasm for the subject means that I will be ready to work with minimal supervision. Through determination and hard work, I am confident that I will be the best sociologist possible.

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