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Progressive Delivery

With so many fraudulent writing services on the web, it is difficult to commit a large sum of money to a custom writing project. That is why we allow you to subscribe to our progressive delivery scheme.

Progressive delivery is a delivery scheme that allows you to place your order in parts. Payment is made in bits with the company delivering the order in parts. This payment scheme is advantageous because:

  1. It allows you to monitor progress on large or complicated orders
  2. It safeguards your financial security. You can cancel the order at any stage if delivered work fails to meet your expectations.
  3. Each paper segment qualifies for free, unlimited revisions.
  4. Your order will be managed by a personal project manager who will provide any necessary updates and help with your order.
  5. It allows you to minimize the risk of spending large sums of money on unsatisfactory services.

Please note that the progressive delivery scheme is only applicable to orders with deadlines that exceed 24 hours. Pricing for progressively delivered orders is 10% higher than that charged for regular delivery.