Prospectus Research Update and Work Plan

This activity consists of multiple parts and will help you prepare the business prospectus you are writing for Assignment 3: Business Prospectus (I’ve attached the file for this.). Be sure to re-read that assignment sheet carefully before you begin work on this activity. You should expect to write at least 1.5-2 pages, single-spaced, for this assignment. But the product will likely include some bulleted lists.

For this assignment, you should do the following:

FIRST, provide a brief paragraph that gives an overview of the company you have created for Assignment 3: Business Prospectus. (I’ve attached the overview of the company I have created with the sources I chose) This paragraph should include a statement of the problem you plan to solve with your company, or the opportunity that your company stands to take advantage of, and the services/products that company will provide.

SECOND, provide an update on your research for Assignment 3: Business Prospectus. Your update should do the following (it will likely consist of 2-3 short paragraphs):

Identify at least one source you’ve consulted:
Provide a brief summary of the source. Your summary should clearly identify the source author and title and the main point/s of the source.
Explain why you’ve chosen this source for your prospectus, in what section you’ll include data/information from the source, and why.

Identify the additional secondary and primary research sources you plan to consult as you prepare your prospectus and in which sections of the prospectus you’ll be including the research. Be specific. If you want to use any of the primary sources described in your textbook but haven’t yet started to, keep in mind the timeframe for conducting research.

THIRD, prepare a work plan to guide the writing of your business prospectus. Your work plan should include the following sections:

A statement of the purpose for the business prospectus itself. NOTE: this is different than a statement of the purpose of your company. Think of this as an opportunity to demonstrate your awareness of the communication situation of the prospectus.
A detailed schedule of tasks you need to complete, including start and end dates. Doing this will help you stay on schedule so that you are more likely to complete the project in a timely fashion.
A preliminary outline of the business prospectus. This can be very brief (1-2 sentences for each required section), and you can identify areas that you haven’t quite figured out yet and your goals for further development.

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