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Kelly was a new coder who had never held an HIM job before. She had just graduated from college and passed her RHIT when she was hired by a local clinic and was so excited to start working. A few weeks later, her manager asked to meet with her. The manager closed the door and told Kelly that she wanted her to code charts for a particular procedure using two codes instead of one so the reimbursement would be higher. The manager then proceeded to divulge information that the clinic was struggling financially so anything extra would help. Kelly got the impression that if she did not comply they would let her go; and she really needed this job. Also, since it was her boss asking, she felt obligated to do as she was told. Using figure 21.1 on seven considerations that should be asked by HIM professionals faced with an ethical decision, please answer the following questions about this real-world case. 1. Identify the ethical question: 2. What are the facts: Who are the stakeholders? o The stakeholders is the patient, her husband, her children, the patient’s parents 3. What are the options? o She can stay with her husband as now she is married and they have more rights on her. o She can maintain her relationships with past family as well. o Or she can try to do both; this would be emotionally draining. 4. What is the decision (HIM values at stake): o 5. What justifies the choice? 6. Prevention so issue is not repeated:


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Topic: Psychological processes in PTSD sufferers: A meta-analysis.
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