Literature Review Topics

The topic you choose for your essay or literature review has major implications for the essay you will write. This guide has some tips and suggestions to help you select an interesting topic.

Choosing a subject area

Sometimes you will be given the subject area to write on. In such cases your options are limited to what you have been provided. In cases where a topic has not been given you have to start with choosing a subject area.

To make the process easier, you first need to define the purpose of the essay you intend to write. Do you intend to describe something or compare things? Or do you want to narrate a story? When you answer such questions, then your purpose is clear and you can now proceed to choosing a subject area.

If you are not sure what subject area to underpin your essay, you can look into relevant literature and sources for ideas, and think about what interests you. Put down the ideas that cross your mind. You can now evaluate the subject areas by picking each and thinking about whether it is interesting. Out of all the options you have you will definitely find one that interests you more than the rest.

There are several subject areas on which you can base your essay. These include politics, environment, education, economy, governance, health matters, culture, sports, technology, etc.

Choosing the topic

Once you have a subject area with which you feel comfortable, you can now try to formulate a topic. Consider the type of information you want to communicate in the essay. Are you planning to write general overview or delve into detailed analyses? Your choice of the topic has a bearing on the nature of the essay you are going to write. Put sufficient effort into this task to ensure you select an a topic that is interesting.

Below is a list of subjects and topics to help you in your selection. Feel free to go beyond this simple list as involves a limited number of suggestions.


  1. A comparison of methods in international accounting
  2. An examination of the role of internal auditors in the 2008 mortgage crisis
  3. An analysis of the role of international accounting ethics in emergent environmental and social issues


  1. An analysis of the effectiveness of HIV Policies in addressing social stigma in South Africa.
  2. Substance abuse among veterans: A literature review
  3. An ethnographic analysis of homeless communities in New York
  4. Exploring the anthropology of British and French colonial systems: A comparative study
  5. Mapping the evolution of primate diets: An anthropological perspective


  1. The evolution of Ventilation models in European Architecture.
  2. The financial viability of common green architectural models: A literature review
  3. A review of the effectiveness of Urban renewal programs in Dublin, Ireland.
  4. Cross laminated timber: Sustainability and application.
  5. Minimalism in Art and Architecture: A meta-analysis of contemporary trends
  6. Conceptions of skin and surface in contemporary architecture: A review of literature


  1. Individualism in Italian Renaissance art: A review
  2. Role of the ICT in enhancing art education: A literature review
  3. Art as a tool for  social change: A study.
  4. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Artistic legacy: A study of artistic trends in the high renaissance.
  5. Iconographical Analysis of The Genesis Fresco by Michelangelo

Biology and other life sciences

  1. Genetic impact of the black death
  2. The Anthropocene Mass Extinction: A literature review
  3. An analysis of the neurotoxic functionalities of snake venom.
  4. Effectiveness of intervention strategies for obesity-afflicted communities in rural Australia.

Business studies

  1. Expansion through strategic acquisition: A study of the US retailer, Walmart.
  2. Historical and cultural influences on the Euro-zone crisis: An Comparative analysis of Greece and Germany’s fiscal policies.
  3. Role of leadership in maintaining competitive advantage: A literature review.
  4. An analysis of the effect of corporate social responsibility on company reputation
  5. Joint venture modelling for competitive advantage:  A case study of Eli Lilly in India.
  6. Open innovation crowdsourcing and creative commons in the automotive industry: A case study of Fiat Mio
  7. Promoting Innovative outsourcing partnerships: An Analysis of B&B
  8. Tuckman’s four sages for team development: A critical review


  1. Has the internet age democratized communication? An analysis of the 2012 US presidential campaign.
  2. Role of informal communication networks in organizations: A study
  3. A literature review of the impact of teachers’ interpersonal communication strategies on student motivation
  4. Role of public communication in shaping America’s foreign policy: An analysis of the Vietnam war
  5. Consumer oriented internal communication policy in Nvidia Corporation: An analysis

Classic English Literature

  1. An analysis of the evolving imagery of warfare in classic English literature
  2. Exploring the emasculating role of patriarchy in classic English literature: A review
  3. Anti-semanticist portrayals in The Merchant of Venice: An analysis.


  1. A comparative analysis of Polymeric Composites’ load bearing characteristics.
  2. Organic and polymeric photovoltaics: A comparative study
  3. Impact of Chemical oil decontamination agents on marine environments: A review

Cultural and Ethnic Studies

  1. Legacy of apartheid in South African slum communities: A literature review.
  2. Evolution of public attitudes towards sexual minorities in America: An analysis
  3. Portrayal of minorities in popular media: A review of literature
  4. Socioeconomics of race in America: A case study of the 1991 LA riots.
  5. The cultural impact of Ludwig Van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: A comparative study
  6. Prenatal testing for Down’s syndrome: A cultural perspective


  1. A review of Russia’s privatization strategies and their impact on the country’s global economic competitiveness.
  2. A comparative analysis of monetary policy under a gold standard and fiat money.
  3. The economic role of micro-financing institutions in Uganda: A case study
  4.  An analysis of trade policies’ effect on exchange rate volatility
  5. A review of economic policy in Ireland: From Celtic tiger to the property bubble
  6. VRIO Analysis and Black-Scholes model of Apple.
  7. Can E-Commerce Substitute Unfavorable Multilateral Trade Agreements for Developing Countries?
  8. Impact of Brexit on Imports and Exports in The UK: A case study of BKM


  1. An assessment of African American access to higher education in the USA
  2. A literature review of e-learning strategies in K-12 Schools
  3. Role of culture in education outcomes among Hispanic students: An aggregated analysis
  4. Kolb’s learning cycle theory: A review of applications to physical education


  1. Mitigating the ecological impact of invasive plant species in Australia: A comparative study of proposed weed management models
  2. Impact of climate change on marine habitats: An analysis of the Everglades watershed.
  3. Role of secondary seed dispersal in grassland ecology
  4. Ecological impact of glyphosate poisoning: A review of the literature
  5. Minimizing the Ecological impact of new roads: A study of Amazonian ecosystems.
  6. Adapting beach erosion control to rising sea levels: A study of Britain’s coastal communities.
  7. Effectiveness of Sea walls as barriers to coastal erosion: A literature review


  1. Ethical issues in intercultural journalism
  2. Bentham’s hedonistic calculus: A critical examination
  3. Preemptive war: A Kantian perspective
  4. Virtue ethics: Applications to contemporary business

Family and consumer science

  1. Domestic Violence: A review of predisposing sociological factors.
  2. Sustainable consumption in a capitalistic economy: A critical appraisal of proposed models.
  3. Psychosocial aspects of teenage pregnancy: A review

Film and theatre studies

  1. Homosexuality in American film: A review
  2. An analysis of Arab characterization in Hollwood.
  3. Feminism in Alien: A critical review
  4. Effectiveness of drama in literacy development: A literature review
  5. Mapping the cultural legacy of Susan Glaspell: A case study of Trifles


  1. Implications of EU membership on capital structures in Italy’s banking sector: An empirical study.
  2. Towards a unified credit scoring model: A literature review
  3. Japan’s lost decade: An exploratory study of Japanese economic stagnation in the 1990s


  1. Agroforestry as a solution to desertification: A literature review.
  2. Urban development models in Chicago and New York: A comparative study.
  3. Influence of geology on the development of Amsterdam
  4. Ecological diversity in perennial farmlands: A literature review


  1. Socio-economic origins of The American Revolution: A literature review
  2. A study of cultural pluralism in the Roman empire
  3. Makings of the Italian Mafia: A history of organized criminal gangs in Sicily

Human Resources Management

  1. Building resilience against economic shocks though human capital investment: An analysis of Bonobo
  2. Overcoming human resource barriers to mergers and acquisitions: A case study of GlaxoWellcome plc and SmithKline Beecham plc.
  3. Merit-pay practices: Implications for organizational performance in the technology industry


  1. Forced confessions and the miscarriage of justice: A psychological perspective
  2. Towards an equitable Jury selection model: A study of the US justice system
  3. Failure of anti-trust policy: A contemporary perspective
  4. Punitive versus restorative justice: A review of literature


  1. The sociological functions of language: A systematic literature review
  2. A comparative analysis of second language acquisition strategies
  3. English dialects in the US: A historical perspective
  4. Language and national identity: A sociolinguistic study of immigrant communities in France


  1. Imagery in Lee’s To Kill A Mocking Bird
  2. Origin and development of science fiction: A cross-cultural analysis
  3. Role of humor in children’s literature: A descriptive analysis
  4. Intertextuality in Ian McEwan’s The Children Act: A review
  5. Success is counted sweetest by Emily Dickinson poem: A literary analysis


  1. Effectiveness of loyalty schemes as a customer retention strategy: An empirical study of the UK retail industry
  2. Celebrity endorsements and brand awareness: A case study of Rolex.
  3. Effective relationship marketing models: A literature review
  4. A study of Social media marketing in the Australian catering industry
  5. Social Media and Building Social Capital: Strategies for the service industry


  1. Mathematical models for speech processing: A Comparative study
  2. Mathematical modelling of fuzzy networks: A literature review
  3. Doppler Distortion in audio systems: A mathematical model


  1. Managerial strategies for organizational re-branding: An analysis of BlackBerry
  2. Organizational change in the age of globalization: A case study of Nike
  3. Evolution and role management information systems in Canada’s Banking Industry: An exploratory study
  4. Modern management ethics: Lessons from Machiavelli’s The Prince

Medical Sciences

  1. Collaborative management of prostate cancer: A case study of Britain’s Health sector
  2. Epidemiological impact of Malaria misdiagnosis: A case study of Kenya’s health sector
  3. A meta-analysis of the influence of socioeconomic pressures on medication adherence
  4. Eating disorders in children: A neurophysiological model


  1. A literature review of psychological distress among nurses
  2. Role of spirituality in nursing: A systematic review of literature
  3. Cultural determinants of health help-seeking habits: A study
  4. PICO Analysis strategies for evidence based nursing: An analysis


  1. Determinants of dietary habits among schoolchildren: A systematic review of literature
  2. Association between breastfeeding and childhood allergies: A study
  3. Exploring the link between mid-life obesity and Alzheimers: An assessment of literature

Political Science

  1. Geopolitics of Germany’s EU influence: A historical perspective
  2. Socioeconomic impact of Political clientelism in Indian politics
  3. Contemporary nationalism in Latin America and its correlates: An analysis
  4. Mikhail Gorbachev’s 1988 UN Speech and its consequences for the Cold War: A review of literature
  5. Nationalism and popular democracy: A case study of Omar Torrijos’ political legacy
  6. Limits of presidential power in America:  A case study of The Watergate Scandal

Public Administration

  1. Death penalty as a crime deterrent: An empirical study of the US justice system
  2. Adaptation strategies for water security in an era of climate change: A case study of California’s water policy
  3. Impact of immigration on the labour market: A study of the UK’s economy
  4. Factors influencing access to public housing in the USA: A literature review
  5. Healthcare in the USA: An analysis of healthcare expenditure trends
  6. Impact of extreme events on infrastructure systems: An analysis of mitigation strategies
  7. Water management in the United Arab Emirates: Challenges and solutions


  1. A psychoanalytical analysis of impulse buying.
  2. Cognitive processes in compulsive sexual behavior: An analysis
  3. Psychological assessment models for early onset Schizophrenia: A review
  4. Understanding the etiology of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adolescents: A meta-analysis
  5. Psychological impact of childhood exposure to aggression: A Meta-analysis


  1. Civil disobedience: A philosophical perspective
  2. Marx and class struggle: A philosophical critique
  3. A comparative analysis of Plato and Aristotle’s views on the rule of law
  4. Euthanasia: A utilitarian analysis

Public Relations

  1. Evolution of public relations: A case study of the US public sector
  2. Examining the implications of social media for public relations management
  3. Public relations and organizational culture: A relational study


  1. The problem of time in quantum mechanics: A relational approach
  2. Propagation prediction modeling for EM waves in urban environments:  review of current techniques
  3. Entropic principle and its applicability to evolutionary biology

Project management

  1. A review of Software Process Improvement models and their implications for object oriented development.
  2. A comparison of neural network solutions to Cheat detection on PlayStation network.
  3. Effectiveness of crowd-sourcing strategies in Computer aided design: A study of Arcbazar
  4. Security-centered software development paradigms: Approaches and challenges.

Religious studies

  1. Role of the religion in the Roman state: A study
  2. Portrayals of the divine in contemporary Hollywood: A cultural perspective.
  3. Feminism in Hinduism and Christianity: A comparative study
  4. Compare and contrast Marx and Durkheim on the “causes” of “religion” (as each defines it) and the “effects” of religion and religious life on individuals, groups and societies in modern settings
  5. A comparison of the Synoptic, Johannine and Pauline representation of Jesus.
  6. Role of nature in Shintoism: A literature review

Research Methodology

  1. Qualitative, quantitative and mixed research methods: A comparative analysis
  2. Ethical challenges for qualitative research: A meta-analysis
  3. Quality assessment methods for mixed methods research: A review

Renewable energy

  1. Assessing the economic impact of renewable energy: A case study of Germany
  2. Policy barriers to renewable energy adoption: A case study of China.
  3. A critical analysis of supply chain models in renewable energy
  4. Promoting resilience in the renewable energy sector: A policy framework


  1. An comparative analysis of male and female skeletal adaptations to marathon running
  2. Professional football performance and its dietary correlates: A case study of The American Football League
  3. Body image issues in gymnastic sports: A review of literature


  1. Bayesian analysis and big data: Practical applications
  2. Applications of statistical modelling to spatial data: A review of  literature
  3. The challenge of big data analysis: A case study of Amazon
  4. T-test, ANOVA and Chi-Square analysis: A comparative evaluation

Technology and Engineering

  1. Website design influences on conversions: A literature review
  2. Internet technology and money laundering: Current policy and challenges
  3. Digital sound processing noise reduction techniques: Open issues.
  4. Maintaining accountability in a era of automated warfare: An ethical approach
  5. Signal mapping techniques for 5G networks


  1. Enhancing economic incentives for Eco-tourism: A case study of Mexico
  2. Building a resilient tourism model: Lessons from The 2007/08 Financial crisis
  3. Medical tourism: Opportunities and challenges.

Urban Studies

  1. Sustainable urbanization models: A comparative study of Melbourne and Vancouver
  2. Revitalizing America’s rust belt: Opportunities and challenges
  3. Spatial sustainability for future megalopolises: A study
  4. Mapping correlates between infrastructure and urban sprawl: A case study of Los Angeles
  5. Homelessness in Dublin: A sociological inquiry
  6. Urban crime and youth gangs: An analysis of social issues raised in the film ‘City of God’

Women’s & gender studies

  1. Understanding female stereotypes in classic film noir: A cultural perspective
  2. Exploring the historical origins of feminism: A case study of The Italian Renaissance
  3. Gender equality and the welfare state: A study of the New Deal’s ramifications for equitable pay


  1. Stress physiology of animals in captivity: A case study of large herbivores at The San Diego Zoo 
  2. Relationship between climate change and bird migration: A longitudinal study of  migration patterns in Europe
  3. Impact of whaling on marine ecosystems
  4. Effects of climate change on mammalian populations in Alaska

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