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Description SAPs and Economic Development: Analyze and assess the consequences of market-oriented reforms in Ghana Your essay will be evaluated on the basis of its format and on the content of your argument. The format consists of: a) a clear, coherent and systematic presentation b) correct spelling and grammar, and a competent writing style which enables you to express your views and ideas clearly c) proper footnoting (or endnoting) and bibliography It is expected that your paper will be logically structured and organized along the following lines:Introduction - The introduction will contain your thesis-statement. This is a vital element which essentially tells your audience what the paper will show or prove. The rest of the paper should be dedicated to revealing the veracity or truthfulness of this statement.Body - The body of your paper will contain the evidence and argument which will support your thesis-statement. It should proceed first with the theoretical and/or historical context within which your argument is set. It should then develop that argument either by working from your weakest to strongest pieces of evidence, or in some other well organized, logical and coherent presentation of facts and evidence. It is in this section that you demonstrate a mastery of the material, and reveal and refute any counter-arguments to your own position. While developing this section of your paper, keep asking yourself "how does this relate to and support my thesis-statement?"Conclusion - Your conclusion should simply summarize your main pieces of evidence (very briefly), and restate your thesis in a manner that suggests that your argument has successfully shown the veracity of your thesis. This is not the place to introduce new ideas or concepts; nor is it the place to make grandiose statements about life, the universe, and everything in it. Keep it simple, straightforward, and focused.The content of your paper should fulfil four criteria:a) adequately and fully address the essay question b) demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the topic c) explain the issue d) analyze the issue by locating it in the proper context (theoretical, historical, regional, national, etc.), and discuss the relevant implications, effects or significance of the problem or issue that you are examining Plagiarism Plagiarism is a serious academic offence, which results in automatic failure of your essay. The following cases are considered to be plagiarized: a) using a term paper from another course b) handing in a paper written by someone else c) using someone else's original work without providing proper references to that person's work d) taking information verbatim (either word-for-word, or with only slight alterations) from a source and not providing references to that source


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Topic: Impact of meditation on the behavior of juvenile delinquents

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 04 May 2018

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Topic: Psychological processes in PTSD sufferers: A meta-analysis.
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12 Jan 2018

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