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Description Questions for Analyzing the Documentary : The corporation (2004) 1. What is a corporation ? 2. What did the 14th Amendment do? 3. To What extend did the documentary engage you , interest you ? Why ? 3. What type of documentary is this ?is it on reality? biographical? 5. What is the director of this documentary trying to communicate to his/her audience ? 6. What themes, issues and conflicts are presented in the documentary ? Why do you think those have been chosen? 7. From whose perspective does the documentary unfold? 8. Whom do you identify with in the documentary (if any) Why? 9. What other perspective you would add to their argument (s) ? 10.What is capitalism Source


Thank you so much! I’ll be back with more work next semester!

Topic: Impact of meditation on the behavior of juvenile delinquents

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 04 May 2018

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Topic: Psychological processes in PTSD sufferers: A meta-analysis.
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12 Jan 2018

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