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“Congratulations!” you have now graduated from college, and the prospect of landing your first job out of college brings more excitement than anxiety. In this article, we explain the things that you should expect from your first job while bringing out the realities that all college graduates experience after landing their first job after college.

Your new job will be a learning experience       

In college, you may have written a brilliant senior thesis on an academic subject, but chances are that you may never need to recall anything from that during your day to day experiences of your new job. This is due to the fact that your new job will result in the realization that you will be required to carry out many tasks that require a huge amount of learning.

Here is where cooperation and interactions with your colleagues at your workplace will be of help in accomplishing your job assignments.

It takes long to get promoted

Despite you having the energy and creativity that most people assume are needed in order to rise through the ranks, it’s your ability to learn as much as you can from your superiors that increases your chance to get a promotion.

Promotion takes time and effort and the fact that there will be lots of more experienced workmates does not make your promotion automatic.

Taking up challenges

Another way of increasing your chance for promotion is taking up challenging tasks. For example, taking on a project that majority of the employees don`t want. Hard jobs also allow you to showcase your competence and enables you to be tapped for bigger roles down the line.

Attitude matters a lot

In your new job, there will be a like hood that you be required to attend long meetings where your boss will be explaining things that may seem obvious to you. This kind of situation may tempt you to pay less attention to what I being discussed in the meeting. You need to always remain engaged and enthusiastic in your job.


A good boss will respect employees who also give ideas that can improve the company`s operations. You could do this by giving a detailed argument for your points and if your boss implements your ideas, he/she will later on consider you for bigger roles.

Be a team player

Even with the prospect of promotion, a pay raise or a reward ,don`t try to be in a contest with your colleagues. Instead, use your experience and skills to complement those of your workmates to finish an assignment. This ability is important because support from your colleagues will be important if you want to succeed in your job.

The tasks

At first ,your boss will most likely give you jobs that may seem menial or beneath you. This is because the jobs within your field of study are at higher end of the salary scale. If you want to be assigned bigger and more exciting tasks to handle, make sure to show you can handle those little jobs well enough to earn an opportunity of more demanding assignments. In any case, as the tasks get bigger, so does the pay and may be even your job group rank.


Thank you so much! I’ll be back with more work next semester!

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