Cleanstart Venture Analysis

The task is to write a report: Discuss the dynamics of growth or collapse of cleanstart, discussion should include at least two stock resources, compare those dynamics to the new venture of your choice. The report has to be a comparison between the game and a chosen start up company could be any start up company which has information. The questions you need to answer in the report are: 1.) How the simulation started so considering the choices you made on the game of pricing, compensation and salary decisions, 2.) What helped to grow the Business so fast, 3.) How did the company go bankrupt or manage to make profit or survive, Literature with cost, 4.) How the selection of the companies recruitment system was? 5.) Use the BATHTUB FRAME WORK TO DESCRIBE YOUR DECISIONS asn comparing it to the real start up company you have chosen. So compare these questions to your own simulation company and the actual start up company you chose to compare both regarding these issues. Also Identify two stock resources the simulation cause(Stock resources are: stock enginerrs, price or people head count). So play the simulation game for 6 years once all 6 year data is gathered you will have to compare your start-up which is the clean start simulation game you have played with another actual real life start up. I am attaching a past paper for you to understand how the others have done it. The graphs and information you can screen shot and state from the simulation so you don’t have to create a new graphs from scratch. I am attaching the bath tub framework as well for you to better understand what the frame work is about and how to apply it please do apply the frame work appropriately. In terms of using references please do use them from good websites credible resource. I am also attaching some lecture slides which you will see theories of inertia, Organisational Imprinting, Discrepancies at the nanoscale and models of growth, should help to write as well has very good references in them which you could use. The other lecture slides I am attaching has a lot of information in detail on the bath tub framework as well how to track internal organizational systems based on structure, incentives, recruitment system culture all you can use for the report writing as well as this will be very useful. Please do focus on the information provided to produce a good report as this ways a lot of marks, I really need your help on this. Thank you. Clean start simulation: How to access the simulation game and what decisions and how to navigate are as follows: In the link you will see how the simulation game works, scroll down and click play simulation, then click play as individual, this will ask you to choose screens id, type-  “Teckt” as screen it this should get you started with the simulation game page. As your into the page it has a welcome note which states what the simulation is about. Here you have to play the simulation and gather 6 years data. Every round will pop up a news feed can be useful to understand the market condition. As you will see in the game you can get to choose the price per unit which is the selling cost, start price with 60,000 gradually increase price by 60,599 then next round 61,500 and so on so that you don’t go bankrupt on the fourth round. As you set the price you have to also choose the number of employees (2 options have to choose engineers and sales person). Start with 90% engineers and 5 Desired Quarterly Headcount Growth Rate (% / Qtr), increase the Desired Quarterly Headcount Growth Rate (% / Qtr)by 5 per round and leave the engineers to 95%. Then is the compensation part for Salary as % of Industry Compensation (%) in the beginning it starts with 110 but start with 70 then every year increase by 2 or 4 in order to stay in the game for 6 round witch is 6 years. Leave the other options in the compensation part as 0. For VC financing I would recommend not to ask for loan as it makes it steady and sometimes they offer loans for equity state witch the percentage is very high so I normally ignore but you can try it. The last option is IPO Launch you can if you want but again have to make profit first. So those are the options you can change on the simulation game after selecting the above press advance which will complete your first year task and on the top middle bar and the left hand side of the screen you will be able to see the actual sales you are making the cash flow and others which the data is shown in graph format as well as data format.

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